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Plaque Design

The CFP® (with plaque design) certification mark is a distinctive visual symbol that indicates you have met CFP Board’s initial and ongoing certification requirements and have agreed to adhere to CFP Board’s Standards of Professional Conduct. This mark may only be used by individuals who are currently certified by CFP Board, and must follow trademark usage guidelines.

CFP® professionals can use the CFP® (with plaque design) mark with their name on various outreach materials, such as business cards, signage, brochures, advertisements and websites. This section allows you to download the CFP® (with plaque design) mark in a variety of styles, colors and file formats.


The most basic CFP® (with plaque design) mark mimics the frame of the primary mark’s gold bar with a thick black outline.


When a single-color is an option, this mark replaces the black with a custom spot color. This should only be used on a black background, not on white.


On dark, heavy-colored backgrounds, the single color logo may be knocked out in white.

Download Artwork

Artwork for the CFP® marks is available only to CFP® professionals (login required).

Important Guidelines

  • Use only approved reproduction artwork available from CFP Board.
  • Do not alter or modify the CFP® (with plaque design) certification mark in any way.
  • Do not reproduce the CFP® (with plaque design) certification mark in such a way as to distort the mark’s appearance.
  • Remember, only currently certified individuals are authorized to use the CFP® (with plaque design) certification mark.
  • Use only in close association with your name.

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