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Account Management FAQ's

1. I don’t have an online CFP Board Account yet. How do I create one?

 Whether you’ve just begun to consider a career in personal financial planning, are completing the final classes of CFP Board-Registered Program, or are an experienced professional seeking to enhance your financial planning expertise, CFP Board invites you to indicate your interest in CFP® certification by creating a secure online account with CFP Board.

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 How do I update my profile to appear in the “Find a CFP® Professional” search tool?

For your business information to be included in results generated by the search tool, you must be a current CFP® professional, agree to the terms and conditions of participation, and:

  • Indicate that you currently accept new clients;
  • Identify yourself as a practicing financial planner; and
  • Include at least one "Search Address" in your CFP® Professional Search Profile.

After you log in to your online account, access your profile by clicking the link, “Update your profile for CFP Board's improved ’Search for a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional’ function.”

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3. I have changed my name. How do I update my account?

To have your name changed, send us a request, along with documentation showing your legal name change (a copy of your marriage certificate, etc.) to:

CFP Board
Attn: Name Change
1425 K Street NW #800
Washington, DC 20005

Fax: 202-379-2299

Please allow 3-5 business days for the processing of your name change documentation.

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4.    I have additional designations I’d like to show in my search profile. Why can’t I list them on my search profile?

CFP Board collects information about designations, degrees and titles held by CFP® professionals for statistical and demographic information.  Information about designations granted by organizations other than CFP Board is not verified by CFP Board, and it is not automatically displayed through the “Find a CFP® Professional” search tool. 

If you wish to display on your search profile a specific qualification or other information not addressed by the standard profile elements, you are welcome to add that information to the optional “Disclosure/Disclaimer Statement” section of the search profile form.

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5. I’ve logged in to update specific information, but can’t find where to update it. Where do I update different types of information?

Your online account includes three sections where you may update different types of information:

  • My Account Information: Update your mailing address, email address, company name, and communication preferences
  • Demographic Information: Update the designations and licenses you hold, and your licensing affiliations with any broker/dealer or investment adviser firms
  • Update Your Profile: Update or opt-in to participate in CFP Board's "Search for a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional" function
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6. How do I order a new certificate?

CFP® professionals can order new certificates through their online accounts. The certificate features the CFP® (with plaque design) logo and is customized with the CFP® professional’s name and date of certification. It is available in large (17½” x 14”) and small (10” x 8”) sizes. Ordering is easy. Just log in to your account, and visit the “Online Store” section of your online account.

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7. Can you provide me with documentation verifying that I’m a current CFP® professional?

Yes. After achieving and renewing certification, a CFP® professional receives an ID card that lists the dates of his or her current certification period. If you require additional documentation, send us a request for a formal letter of verification by email to or by fax to 202-379-2299.

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8. I am a CFP® Professional. How do I use the CFP® marks?

The CFP® certification trademarks must be displayed under strict use and reproduction guidelines, or their value as trademarks could be lost.

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9. I am still working toward becoming a CFP® professional. Can I use the CFP® marks yet?

In order to be authorized to use the title CFP® professional, you must fulfill all requirements for certification: education, exam, experience, and ethics. Once you have received official notification from CFP Board that you are certified you will be authorized to use the marks. Once you have passed the exam, you can say that you are “working towards obtaining CFP® certification” or that you are a “candidate for CFP® certification.” These are the two CFP Board approved ways of saying that you are a candidate.

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10. Why does your website say I am logged in, but not let me access my online account without logging in again?

Logging in to CFP Board’s website provides you access to certain materials not available to the general public, including artwork for the CFP® marks and customizable marketing materials. It also generally provides you with immediate access to your secure online CFP Board account (please note that individuals seeking to access a CE Sponsor account are currently always asked to enter login credentials again).

Our public website and your online account are connected by the login system, but are actually two separate websites. If the system asks you to re-enter your login information to access your online account, your logged-in state may have expired due to inactivity, or you may have logged out from one of the websites. CFP Board will be working to implement a more consistent login experience, along with other online account site improvements, in the near future.

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