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Registered Program Marketing Toolkit

As a CFP Board-Registered Program, your institution has access to variety of tools created by CFP Board to help you educate and promote your financial planning educational programs to prospective students. Below you will find a variety of marketing tools, including:


These new advertisements feature the new CFP® (with plaque design) mark introduced with CFP Board's Public Awareness Campaign and are designed to be customized with your program's information. Each ad layout is available in several different formats, including print ads, emailers, online banners and posters.

To download customizable PDFs of these ads, click on the images below.

Advertisements for traditional students:

Advertisement for career changers:

To download customizable PDFs of these ads, click on the images above. High-resolution artwork for the ads is available from CFP Board upon request to contact CFP Board's Marketing Manager, Paul Horenkamp, at


CFP Board's booklets and brochures may be downloaded in electronic format at no charge from CFP Board's website and printed and reproduced as needed. CFP Board requests that the publications be reproduced in their entirety. If you wish to use only a portion of a publication, please complete the online Copyright Permission Request Form.

CFP Board will continue to send single copies of brochures and booklets to consumers, candidates and other individuals directly at no cost. Therefore, if any registered program would rather refer its students directly to CFP Board to obtain publications, it may do so.

If you wish to order hard copies of any CFP Board publication available in a printed version, contact CFP Board's Marketing Manager, Paul Horenkamp, at or call 800-487-1497. Please indicate the type of publication, quantity needed, your contact information, shipping address and payment information (MasterCard, Visa, American Express or check - payable to CFP Board). Orders placed with payment by check will not be processed until payment is received by CFP Board.

Publications Printed Version Download Free Version
Guide to CFP® Certification Free Download Adobe Acrobat File
Your Career as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Practitioner* $1.25 Download Adobe Acrobat File
Steps to CFP® Certification flier (electronic version only) Download Adobe Acrobat File
About CFP Board flier* $1.00 Download Adobe Acrobat File
Released Cases and Multiple Choice Questions from CFP® Certification Examinations (electronic versions only) View Information
*These items are available for purchase only in bundles of 25 brochures. Shipping charges apply to all orders.

PowerPoint Presentation

CFP® Certification Presentation Download PowerPoint File

CFP Board Letters to Students

CFP Board encourages you to provide your new and graduating students with these messages from CFP Board's CEO, Kevin Keller. To request customizations specific to your program or students, please contact CFP Board's Marketing Manager, Paul Horenkamp, at

Welcome Letter to Students Enrolled in First Course
(PDF Format)
Download Letter
Congratulatory Letter to Graduating Students
(PDF Format)
Download Letter

News Release Templates

Sample News Release – customizable Download Microsoft Word File
Sample News Article – customizable Download Microsoft Word File

Prior to distribution or publication of news releases and articles using these templates, please submit final versions to CFP Board for review at

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