Volunteer Opportunities for CFP Professionals and Candidates

For CFP® Professionals


Volunteer Opportunities for CFP® Professionals and Candidates

CFP® professionals can give back to their communities by serving as a trusted resource to those who might not otherwise have access to financial planning services. Recognizing the time involved to find volunteering opportunities, CFP Board works with a variety of agencies and organizations to identify programs that can match your schedule.  

The activities listed here have been identified as programs that fulfill Continuing Education requirements for CFP® professionals. Candidates for the CFP® Certification may also use volunteer service hours as part of their Experience requirement.

If you know of a national or regional volunteer program, that includes training that would qualify for CE or volunteer activity that would qualify as Experience, CFP Board would love to hear about them. Please contact us at CESponsor@cfpboard.org.

Advisers Who are Making a Difference

Financial Planning Magazine and The Foundation for Financial Planning presented the 2017 Pro Bono Planner of the Year award to Judy Volkmann, Esq., CFP®.  The Pro Bono Planner of the Year award is presented to an adviser in recognition of their leadership in advancing pro bono financial planning in cooperation with a nonprofit or social service organization.  

Ms. Volkmann’s charity, which runs the MoneyWorks program, received a $5,000 grant made in her name, provided by the Foundation for Financial Planning. Read more about Judy’s pro bono work and the great program she was instrumental in creating.  

Continuing Education Credit for VITA Training
Experience for VITA Volunteering 

CFP® professionals can now report continuing education (CE) from taking part in the IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program. Candidates for CFP® certification are also eligible to report volunteer hours to help fulfill their Experience requirement.

In order to qualify, individuals must volunteer for a minimum of 10 hours as a VITA or TCE quality reviewer, tax return preparer, and/or tax law instructor, which is captured on the Form 13615 Volunteer Standards of Conduct Agreement by the site coordinator.

Instructions for Current CFP® Professionals to Report Volunteer Hours for CE Credit

Current CFP® professionals can follow these steps to self-report completed volunteer work for Continuing Education (CE) Credit. Use the table below for Course ID information.

  • Step 1: Log into your secure CFP Board account at CFP.net/login.
  • Step 2: Click on the "My CFP® Certification" link
    • Select "View/Report CE" under "Continuing Education (CE) Summary."
  • Step 3: Search for the CE Sponsor "Internal Revenue Service"
    • Select “IRS (SPEC) VITA/TCE Program” base course for 14 CE.
  • Step 4: Complete the self-reporting process as instructed
    • Repeat the process to add a Specialty Course.

Program Title

Course ID Format Approved CE
IRS (SPEC) VITA/TCE Program 235529 Self-Study 14
VITA/TCE - Specialty Federal Tax Law Course - Health Savings Account 235530 Self-Study 4
VITA/TCE - Specialty Federal Tax Law Course - International 235533 Self-Study 4
VITA/TCE - Specialty Federal Tax Law Course - Military 235534 Self-Study 4
VITA/TCE - Specialty Federal Tax Law Course - Puerto Rico 235532 Self-Study 4

Instructions for Candidates Reporting Volunteer Hours for the Experience Requirement

Candidates can report their volunteer hours to help fulfill the Experience requirement for the CFP® Certification. Please follow these steps to self-report your hours:

    Step 1: Log into your secure CFP Board account at www.CFP.net/login
    Step 2: Select "Experience" in the Certification Tracker
    Step 3: Complete the experience entry – when you reach the fields below, add this information:
    • Company Name: Internal Revenue Service
    • Position: VITA Volunteer
    • Skip: Checkbox (self-employed, pro-bono or volunteer)
    • Supervisor: Identify the Volunteer Site Supervisor
      • Add email address.

For more information please visit the IRS 2018 CE fact sheet.

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