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Volunteer Opportunities

The work of CFP Board benefits greatly from the contributions of CFP® professionals and other stakeholders. There are many opportunities to become involved with CFP Board in meaningful and rewarding ways.


Become a Volunteer

There are a variety of ways volunteers support CFP Board's work, including leadership and governance roles, exam development activities, service on disciplinary hearing panels and more.

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Leadership opportunity

serve on the board of directors

CFP Board is accepting applications from individuals interested in serving on the Board of Directors. The deadline is June 15, 2022.

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Help Future CFP® professionals

Become a Mentor

The CFP Board Mentor Program connects aspiring candidates for CFP® certification with current CFP® professionals who can share their knowledge and experience of passing the CFP® exam.

Report Your Pro Bono Hours

Are you one of the thousands of CFP® professionals across the country who provide free, no-strings attached, one-on-one financial advice to underserved people? Let us know if you provide pro bono services so that we can educate the public and policymakers about the great things our profession does to help people in need.

Report pro bono hours