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The CFP Board Mentor Program connects those seeking CFP® certification with current CFP® professionals who can share their knowledge and experience, and help candidates on their path to certification. Anyone pursuing the CFP® certification is welcome to participate and search for a mentor.

Mentoring ensures that those interested in financial planning understand the unique benefits of CFP® certification and have guidance and support while on the path to certification.

Both CFP® professionals wanting to volunteer as mentors and mentees on the path to CFP® certification can enroll by completing their online profile. Instructions for enrolling are on CFP Board's Mentor Program website.

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The Value of Mentoring:


“My mentor...shares my professional credentials, so she understands my career path and my path to CFP® certification. Her willingness to mentor me has been invaluable! She has given me advice on the exam, as well as guidance about my career in the financial planning industry.”

- Laura Boedges, CFP®, Wealth Advisor

The CFP Board Mentor Program is an expansion of the successful WIN-to-WIN Mentor Program. In 2016, CFP Board launched the WIN-to-WIN Mentor Program to connect aspiring female CFP® professionals with established CFP® professionals for guidance and support as they pursue their careers in financial planning and their CFP® certification. In its first two years, the WIN-to-WIN program led to more than 1,600 engagements between mentors and mentees that have provided candidates with invaluable information on the certification process.

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