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The Experience Requirement

Report Your Experience

Get ahead of the game. You can report your experience at any time through the online experience reporting profile available in your CFP Board account dashboard. You will be able to review previously submitted entries, update hours for your current position and enter new experience.


How to Report Your Experience

Your experience can be reported to CFP Board at any time through the experience reporting feature in your CFP Board account dashboard. We encourage you to report early and update often to keep your profile current. If you have already reported experience, you can also use your account dashboard to review past entries and confirm or update your remaining hours balance. 

There are many paths to completing the experience requirement. Review them today.

Completing Your Experience Profile

We will accept experience completed within ten years before and five years after successful completion of the CFP® exam. Once your experience requirement is completed, your account will show a “Provisionally Accepted” status until final CFP® exam results are released verifying you successfully passed the exam. At that time, the “Provisionally Accepted” status will change to “Accepted.” Some helpful tips are below.

Refresh Hours

Current experience (with no end date) entered in your Experience Profile can be refreshed at any time. The Refresh Hours function recalculates hours from the date entered to the current date.

Experience Entered

You will enter experience or refresh hours for your position until you meet the required number of hours. You should assume that the experience you entered is provisionally accepted, unless otherwise noted. Some experience types will be automatically reviewed and/or verification requested.

Experience Submitted

Once you meet the required number of hours, you will need to submit your entered experience by clicking the “Submit” button that will appear. Once submitted, each experience entry will have an updated status of Accepted, Pending Verification, or Provisionally Accepted.

Experience Statuses Terminology

Below is some helpful terminology related to the status of experience that has been entered and submitted.

Are you ready to report your experience?

We encourage you to report your experience and monitor your status. Log in to your CFP Board Account Dashboard and use the experience reporting feature.

Report Your Experience Today

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