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Certificant Connections is a podcast powered by CFP Board, the professional standards-setting body for more than 84,000 CFP® professionals nationwide.

In each episode, CFP Board discusses the latest news in the financial planning profession, takes a deep dive into key topics, and answers your questions.

Tune in to learn about upcoming topics, including the new Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct for CFP® professionals, research on retirement security and client psychology.

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Recent Podcasts

Episode 1: The Year Ahead for CFP Board with CEO Kevin Keller: This inaugural episode of Certificant Connections features an interview with CEO Kevin Keller discussing what’s ahead for CFP Board in 2019 as well as providing an update on different initiatives. Learn More 

Episode 2: Our Newest “I am a CFP® Pro: An interview with Matt Aaron, CFP® – On this episode of Certificant Connections we talk with our newest CFP®  Pro spokesperson Matt Aaron, CFP® of Northwestern Mutual about his journey to CFP® certification, why he became a financial planner and tips for young people entering the profession. Learn More

Episode 3: Why I Became a CFP® Professional: An interview with Jillian Nell, CFP® –There are many avenues for people to become CFP® professionals and on this episode of Certificant Connections, Jillian Nell, CFP® talks about how being a financial planner allows her a great work-life balance as a working mom while having a successful business that continues to grow. Learn More

Episode 4: How Financial Planners Can Give Back Through Pro Bono: An interview with Foundation for Financial Planning CEO Jon Dauphine – Financial planners are known for helping their communities. In this episode, Jon Dauphine of the Foundation for Financial Planning talks about the benefits of pro bono work, the role of the Foundation and how financial planners can get involved. Learn More

Episode 5: CFP Board’s New Retirement Security Working Group: CFP Board VP for Public Policy Maureen Thompson and retirement expert Fred Reish of Drinker Biddle talk about the organization’s new working group, which will be focused on developing policy ideas on how to encourage more people to save for retirement and how their savings can last a lifetime. Learn More

Episode 6: Update on SEC Regulation BI and Fiduciary:
Consumer Federation of America’s Director of Investor Protection Barb Roper joins CFP Board VP for Public Policy Maureen Thompson in a discussion about the SEC’s Regulation BI and the latest news on fiduciary. Learn More

Episode 7: The CFP Board Brand and Public Awareness Campaign: CFP Board CEO Kevin Keller and Heart + Mind Strategies CEO Mike Dabadie talk about CFP Board’s brand and its Public Awareness Campaign. Kevin also provides updates on his travels at in-person CFP® Certificant Connections and other initiatives at CFP Board. Learn More

Episode 8: Increasing Access to CFP® Professionals: CFP Board CEO Kevin Keller and Director of Marketing Jason Gudenius, Discuss CFP Board Strategies. Learn More

Episode 9: Presenting the new Center for Financial Planning Career Paths Guide released with the help of BNY Mellon’s Pershing: Jessica Lewis talks with Marilyn Mohrman-Gillis, Executive Director of CFP Board and Mark Tibergien, CEO of BNY Mellon’s Pershing about the new Career Paths Guide available to businesses employing CFP® professionals. Learn More

Episode 10: The Latest on the New Code and Standards: This episode features guest Leo Rydzewski, General Counsel of CFP Board. Leo joins in to talk about the new Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct that becomes effective on October 1, 2019. Learn More

Episode 11: Conversation with Susan John, CFP®, 2019 Chair of CFP Board: This episode is about big-picture issues that CFP Board is looking at, including client psychology, CFP Board’s wide variety of programs, plans for the future and the upcoming Board of Directors meeting. Learn More

Episode 12: From Certificates to Ph.D.s: This episode features Mary Kay Svedberg, Ph.D., Director of Education at CFP Board.  Mary Kay discusses the variety of CFP Board Registered Programs that provide the core educational curriculum for CFP® certification, from certificate programs to doctorate programs.  Listen in for options that students can look for when selecting a program, and for information on upcoming events. Learn More

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