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CFP® Certification: For Employers

Benefits of Employing CFP® Professionals

CFP® professionals are more productive and more satisfied in their careers and at their firms than advisors without their CFP® certification. Consumers are also more aware of the CFP® certification than other certifications and designations, and are more satisfied when working with a CFP® professional.

CFP® Professional Practices Are More Productive

Research shows that both solo and team CFP® professional practices are more productive than practices without a CFP® professional.

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Consumers and Advisors Are More Satisfied

Clients working with a CFP® professional are more satisfied. And CFP® professionals are more satisfied with their careers and employers.

Highest Awareness Among Consumers

Because of CFP Board's ongoing public awareness campaign, 85% of consumers are aware of the CFP® certification. That's more than any other financial planning credential.

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How CFP® Certification Stands Out

  • Rigorous certification requirements, including an education curriculum, comprehensive exam, and experience requirement, demonstrate competency in comprehensive financial planning.
  • Due to client demand and other factors, advisors are conducting more comprehensive planning. In fact, according to Cerulli Associates’ 2017 Advisor Metrics, 50% of clients now receive comprehensive advice, up from just 32% in 2013.
  • CFP® certification has been accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies since 1995.


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