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Continuing Education

Report CE Credits

Access an up-to-date summary of your CE credit hours and report new hours in your CFP Board account to stay current.

CFP® professionals can access up-to-date information regarding CE credit hours that have been reported for them by logging into their CFP Board account dashboard. CFP® professionals are not required to self-report CE credit hours for program completions reported to CFP Board directly by CE sponsors.

Pre-Accepted CE Programs

CE Credit Hours Reporting by CE Sponsors

CE sponsors are required to report completion of pre-accepted CE programs within 14 days of program completion. Upon receipt, it may take CFP Board three (3) business days to upload the records to CFP® professionals' accounts. When CE credit hours are uploaded, an email notification from CFP Board is sent to the individuals receiving the credit.

Self-Reporting CE Credit Hours

A CFP® professional may also self-report registered programs through their online account in order to apply credit in advance of the 14 day time-frame allotted for CE sponsor reporting. CE sponsor-reported records will overwrite self-reported records in our system, which will prevent the CFP® professional from receiving duplicate credit.

Non-Registered CE

Non-registered programs are those that have not been submitted for review and credit hour determination to CFP Board through an active CE Sponsor. These course completions may be reported using the online reporting form for consideration of CE credit.

A nonrefundable $60 reporting fee is required for each non-registered CE program at the time of submission. This fee must be paid before CFP Board reviews the submission. Programs will be reviewed to ensure they meet CFP Board's CE requirements prior to acceptance. Program reviews will be completed within 3 to 5 business days of submission. Only online submissions using the online reporting form will be accepted.

Documentation Required for Non-Registered Live CE:

CFP Board may request the following documentation provided by the non-registered educational provider:

  • Certificate of Completion/Attendance or unofficial transcript showing successful completion of program.
  • Program summary or description.
  • Timed agenda with actual dates and times to verify topics, duration, meals, and breaks.

Documentation Required for Non-Registered Self-Study CE:

CFP Board may request the following documentation provided by the non-registered educational provider:

  • Certificate of Completion or unofficial transcript showing successful completion of program and exam score.
  • Official, detailed outline/syllabus or course description.
  • A copy of the final assessment/examination provided by the CE provider or documentation from the CE provider verifying the number of assessment/examination questions
  • Evidence of a passing score of 70% or higher.

Important Note: Non-Registered self-study CE programs must have a minimum of 5 assessment questions per hour of CE credit. Exceptions are not granted.