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The CFP® Certification Examination is designed to assess your ability to apply financial planning knowledge to real-life financial planning situations. By passing this exam, you demonstrate to the public that you are at the appropriate level of competency required to practice financial planning.

IMPORTANT: You can now register for the CFP® Certification Examination prior to completing the Education coursework requirement. CFP Board, however, must receive verification of your coursework completion by the Education Verification Deadline. If verification is not received by that deadline, you will be de-registered, your seat will become available to other candidates, and you will be charged a $100 postponement fee.

The coursework requirement can be met in several ways, including completing a CFP Board-Registered Program, completing equivalent coursework subject to CFP Board's Transcript Review process, or having one of the "Accelerated Path" designations, credentials or degrees pre-approved by CFP Board.
View acceptable qualifying documentation for the education coursework requirement


Create an online account: If this is your first time applying for the CFP® Certification Examination, you will need to create a secure online account with CFP Board and then log in to start the registration process.

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Log in to your account: If you have previously registered for the exam or have already created your online account, log in to your secure CFP Board account to start the registration process.

Once you are logged in to your online CFP Board account, please click on the Certification Requirements tab to access the Exam Application. 


If you have any questions about registering for the CFP® Certification Examination, please contact CFP Board at 800-487-1497 or

Verify Education Coursework Requirement Completion


View acceptable qualifying documentation for the education coursework requirement

If you attended a CFP Board-Registered Program, your program will provide CFP Board with documentation verifying your completion of the education program, and you will receive email confirmation when CFP Board receives that documentation. If you have questions about the status of your education documentation, please contact your Registered Program.

Exam Dates and Deadlines

The CFP® Exam is offered in a computer-based format during an 8-day testing window.  The exam is administered on one day during two 3-hour testing sessions, separated by a scheduled 40-minute break. A 7-hour appointment is scheduled to allow time for check-in, and security procedures.

Candidates select their test day (Tuesday-Tuesday) and test site location from among Prometric’s network of testing sites. The CFP® exam is administered in more than 265 dedicated professional testing locations across the U.S.  

Education Verification
Mar. 10-17, 2020 Nov. 14, 2019 Feb. 11, 2020 Feb. 25, 2020
Jul. 07-14, 2020 Mar. 19, 2020 Jun. 9, 2020 Jun. 23, 2020

*Candidates may reschedule their Prometric appointment within the testing window as late as five days prior to their scheduled appointment, subject to seat availability and rescheduling fees.

Since the March 2016 CFP® Exam, a new exam blueprint has been in effect that will incorporate the findings from the 2015 Job Task Analysis.

Learn more about policies related to rescheduling, withdrawals, retakes and policy exception requests

Non-Discrimination Policy

It is CFP Board’s policy to provide candidates for CFP® certification, CFP® professionals, and individuals seeking to reinstate their CFP® certification equal access to CFP® certification regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, age, disability, marital or partnership status, military status, citizenship status, sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender, family responsibilities, political affiliation, genetic information, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state, or local law.

Exam Dates


CFP® Certification Examination
March 10-17, 2020

Most Recent Exam:

CFP® Certification Examination
November 5-12, 2019

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In a March 2012 survey of American consumers, 60% indicated they would benefit from the counsel of a financial planner or advisor.

If you hold one of several degrees, licenses or credentials, you can take the CFP® Exam after completing a single capstone course.

Classroom or online learning? Full-time or part-time studies? There are CFP Board-Registered Programs designed to meet your needs. 

Achieve the certification that is rapidly becoming the industry standard: CFP® certification.

Professionals who have already earned their CFP® certification have enjoyed an average income increase of 30%.

Demand for personal financial advisors is expected to grow 30 percent through 2024, according to the Labor Department.

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