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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for Continuing Education (CE) program content?

CFP Board accepts for Continuing Education (CE) credit only programs that address topics identified in either the lists of Job Task Domains or Principal Topics identified through CFP Board's comprehensive 2009 Job Analysis Study.

What topics do not qualify for CE credit?

There are several topic exclusions:

  • Programs with content focused on practice management information do not qualify for credit. CFP Board defines practice management as programs focused on the planning, development and management of a CFP® certificant's business operations, including topics such as office management, business model design, budgeting processes, leadership training, and other activities that do not directly contribute to the knowledge, skills and abilities needed for a CFP® certificant to provide competent and ethical financial planning to clients.
  • Marketing is a topic excluded by CFP Board for CE credit.
  • Software/technology, company-specific, and product-specific discussions also do not qualify for CE credit.

Can I submit a single application for a conference?

No. All conference sessions require a separate online program application. Each conference session will be reviewed individually.

How long should programs be?

All programs must be at least 50 minutes long in order to earn 1 hour of CFP Board CE credit.

Does the annual CE Sponsor registration fee cover program application fees?

No. All program application submissions incur a program application fee.

My organization is a nonprofit. Is the registration cost different?

Yes. Be sure to notify the CE Sponsor team if your organization is a nonprofit to take advantage of the nonprofit fee structure. Organizations with tax exempt status granted by the government are categorized as nonprofits by CFP Board. Documentation of nonprofit status is required in order to receive nonprofit fee rates.

Do I have to submit my program application online?

No, but there is a $25 fee for the manual processing of any applications not submitted through the online form. The $25 fee applies to any program applications received via mail, fax, and/or as a PDF attachment to an email.

How long will it take to assess my program application?

All program applications are reviewed in the order in which they are received. Applications generally take up to 7 business days for review.

Why didn’t CFP Board accept my program application?

The CE Sponsor team cannot review program information without the submission of a program application. Additionally, CFP Board cannot accept a program application if the CE Sponsor has not registered with CFP Board. Sponsors may check their organization’s registration status in their online CFP Board account. Sponsors may also contact CE Sponsor staff at to confirm an organization’s registration status.

Can I submit a program application after a program has been held?

Yes, but you will incur a $75 late fee.

The contact for my CE program has changed. What should I do?

Keep the CE Sponsor team informed of any contact information changes by emailing This will ensure your company/organization’s point of contact is receiving information from the CE Sponsor team.

Should I submit an attendance report for my program?

Submit attendance reports only for active programs. The CE Sponsor team cannot process attendance reports for inactive programs and/or for programs which have not yet been accepted by CFP Board. Attendance reports (“batches”) are processed based on the information provided by the Sponsor. To ensure timely and accurate processing of your student’s record, please be sure all information in the batch report is accurate.

How do I contact CE Sponsor staff?

Reach the CE Sponsor team via email at

Council On Education
CFP Board’s Council on Education advises CFP Board on the development and clarification of all educational policies related to the CFP® certification process.