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What Are CFP Board-Registered Programs?

CFP Board-Registered Programs are financial planning education programs at the college or university level that meet specific criteria for educating individuals who wish to fulfill the education component for obtaining CFP® certification. Individuals who meet CFP Board's education requirement are eligible to sit for the CFP® Certification Examination. Successful completion of the education and examination components completes two of the core prerequisites to obtain CFP® certification.

To register a program, an institution must submit an application for review by CFP Board.  Registration is granted on a biennial basis and must be renewed every other year.

Download the Curriculum Registration Criteria (PDF, 1.0MB)

Download the CFP Board-Registered Program Initial Application Form (Word, 1.7MB)

Download the CFP Board-Registered Program Renewal Application (Word, 610KB)

2014 Registered Programs Conference Presentations

On August 7-8, 2014, CFP Board held its annual Registered Programs Conference. This year's theme, Awareness; Education; Induction, served as a platform for furthering our discipline relative to specific subject matter areas, engaging students both within the classroom and in online learning platforms, as well as facilitating certificate and degree-seeking students’ journeys toward CFP® certification. Presentations from the conference are available below:

Perceptions of Graduates of CFP Board Registered Programs Regarding Experiences that Impact CFP Certification Completion (PDF, 202KB) 

The Power of Data in our CFP Board Registered Programs: Program Evaluation and Certification Completion (PDF, 667KB) 

CFP Board Registered Programs-Aggregate Self-Assessment Data (PDF, 553KB)

Aite Group Research Report (PDF, 978KB)

Recorded Webinar: CFP Board-Registered Programs Spring 2014 Update

On April 29, 2014, CFP Board's Director of Academic Programs and Initiatives, Dr. Charles Chaffin, presented updates on CFP Board’s initiatives, program evaluation data and the 2014 CFP Board Registered Program Conference, including the newly added Firms’ Night that will bring together financial planning firms and CFP Board-Registered Programs to discuss collaboration opportunities.

View the recorded webinar 
Download the CFP Board-Registered Programs Spring 2014 Update (PDF, 116KB)

Webinar for Prospective Programs

This webinar provides information for educational institutions considering establishing a new CFP Board-Registered Program, addressing the benefits of starting a CFP Board Registered Program; registration criteria, program construction, course sequencing and other details about creating a CFP Board Registered Program; ways to establish a sustainable program; and questions from the live audience.




Contact CFP Board at 202-379-2224 or for more information about the registration process.

Council On Education
CFP Board’s Council on Education advises CFP Board on the development and clarification of all educational policies related to the CFP® certification process.