Verify an Individual's CFP(R) Certification and Background

Verify an Individual’s CFP® Certification and Background

More than 76,000 individuals in the United States currently meet CFP Board’s initial and ongoing certification requirements for CFP® certification.

The verification function below will allow you to verify an individual’s certification status. The search results will identify individuals who currently hold CFP® certification as well as individuals who are not currently certified but who held CFP® certification at one time.

If you search for an individual who has been disciplined publicly by CFP Board, or who has a bankruptcy filing within the past 10 years, information about the discipline and/or bankruptcy will be indicated in the search results.


Name / Company CFP® Certification Status CFP Board
Disciplinary History
Bankruptcy Disclosure
in Last 10 Years
Miss Jessica E. Abrams, CFP®
Austin & Abrams Financial Planning
Certified No No
Jessica Acker, CFP®
Ameriprise Financial
Certified No No
Mrs. Jessica Nicole Aliotti, CFP®
Northwestern Mutual
Certified No No
Ms. Jessica L. Anderson, CFP®
UBS Financial Services
Certified No No
Mrs. Jessica A. Arias, CFP®
The Vanguard Group
Certified No No
Mrs. Jessica Margaret Ashby, CFP®
The Fauquier Bank
Certified No No
Miss Jessica R. Aycock, CFP®
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
Certified No No
Mrs. Jessica Nicole Banitt, CFP®
Linscomb & Williams
Certified No No
Mrs. Jessica Hope Barron, CFP®
Edward Jones
Certified No No
Ms. Jessica NoEl Barton, CFP®
Fidelity Investments
Certified No No
Ms. Jessica Beck, CFP®
Colorado Wealth Group
Certified No No
Ms. Jessica L. Bicoll, CFP®
LPL Financial Services
Certified No No
Mrs. Jessica Lindsay Boghetich, CFP®
RGT Wealth Advisors
Certified No No
Mrs. Jessica Lynn Bokhart, CFP®
Market Street Wealth Management Advisors, LLC
Certified No No
Jessica Brar, CFP®
Loring Ward
Certified No No
Jessica Palmer Brennan, CFP®
BNY Mellon Wealth Management
Certified No No
Mrs. Jessica K. Burbrink, CFP®
Indiana Trust Wealth Management
Certified No No
Ms. Jessica Cook Burruss, CFP®
Certified No No
Jessica L. Burton
UBS Financial Services
Not Certified No No
Ms. Jessica L. Cafferata, CFP®
Frontier Investment Management Company
Certified No No
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About CFP Board’s Disciplinary Process

Ethical conduct is a central requirement of the CFP® certification, and CFP Board actively enforces its ethical standards. All individuals who hold the CFP® certification agree to abide by the rigorous ethics and practice standards contained in CFP Board’s Standards of Professional Conduct (Standards). In situations where CFP Board learns that a CFP® professional’s conduct may be in violation of the Standards, it conducts an investigation following the process outlined in CFP Board’s Disciplinary Rules and Procedures.

The Disciplinary and Ethics Commission (formerly known as the Board of Professional Review) is responsible for interpreting and applying CFP Board's Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility, Rules of Conduct and Financial Planning Practice Standards to specific fact situations involving professionals and imposing, where necessary, the appropriate discipline. The Commission may impose several types of discipline, up to the permanent revocation of an individual’s right to use the CFP® certification marks.

Individuals who are listed above with indication of a CFP Board public disciplinary history have received a public discipline – either a public letter of admonition, suspension of CFP® certification, or permanent revocation of CFP® certification. Individuals may also be disciplined privately with a cautionary letter or private censure; a private discipline is confidential and not available to the public through this search function or other means.