Verify an Individual's CFP(R) Certification and Background

Verify an Individual’s CFP® Certification and Background

More than 76,000 individuals in the United States currently meet CFP Board’s initial and ongoing certification requirements for CFP® certification.

The verification function below will allow you to verify an individual’s certification status. The search results will identify individuals who currently hold CFP® certification as well as individuals who are not currently certified but who held CFP® certification at one time.

If you search for an individual who has been disciplined publicly by CFP Board, or who has a bankruptcy filing within the past 10 years, information about the discipline and/or bankruptcy will be indicated in the search results.

Mr. Shonty Spatola, CFP®

Certification Status: Certified

Pacific Oak Wealth Management LLC


520 S Sepulveda Blvd Ste 202
Los Angeles, CA 90049-3534

CFP Board Disciplinary History: No
Bankruptcy Disclosure in Last 10 Years: No

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