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CE Sponsors must submit course completion reports to CFP Board, within four weeks of a program's completion, by using the Attendance Reporting Form. Detailed instructions regarding submission of a completion report are outlined below.

Download the Attendance Reporting Form

Step-by-Step Instructions

Please do not alter the formatting of the Attendance Reporting Form as it may render the report unusable.

1. Download the Attendance Report Form

Save and open the Attendance Report Form.

2. Fill in the Header Section

The second row of the Attendance Reporting Form must be completed in its entirety. The following is a brief description of each field in this header section.

  • CE Sponsor Code Number:  The CE Sponsor's unique identification number. It is assigned upon registration with the CFP Board and is never changed.
  • Sponsor Name: Should exactly match CFP Board's records. If a name change occurs, be sure to notify CFP Board before submitting reports under the new name.
  • Sponsor Batch Date: The date that the report is submitted, in “mm/dd/yyyy” format.
  • Sponsor Batch Number: The number that identifies the attendance report. Reports should be numbered in the order they are submitted.
  • Number of Records: The number of course completions contained within the report (tip: it should be equal to the number of rows, without including the header section).

3. Insert Attendance Records

Begin entering the information for programs and certificants. Individuals must have a new row for each program completed. Enter the first record on the fourth row and continue to the next available row when completed. Do not leave empty rows in-between records.

CFP Board uses a “two out of three” check system to validate the identity of certificants. In addition to a certificant’s name, the individual’s CFP Board ID number or the last four digits of their social security number must be provided. A middle name is optional, but encouraged.

The following is a brief description of each field in the body.

  • CE Sponsor Program ID Number: A unique numeric value identifying an active program completed by the certificant. 
  • Program Name: The title of the course that was completed, matching the corresponding title within CFP Board’s database exactly.
  • Date Individual Completed: Indicates the date the individual completed the course. 
  • Last 4 Digits Attendee SSN: An optional field used to help identify CFP® certificants when the CFP Board ID number is not available.
  • Attendee CFP Board ID: The primary field used to identify the individual CFP® certificant completing the course.
  • Attendee Last Name: The CFP® certificant's last name. Hyphenated names can be accepted as long as at least one name matches the last name contained in CFP Board’s database.
  • Attendee First Name: The CFP® certificant's first name. It should not include prefixes.
  • Attendee Middle Name: The CFP® certificant's middle name(s) or initial if available. This field is optional, but is useful in identifying CFP® certificants. If it is not provided, the field should be left empty.

4. Submit the Report

When all of the information has been entered into the Attendance Report Form, save the completed report and email it as an attachment to


Contact CFP Board's Continuing Education Staff directly at