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2016 Consumer Finance Segmentation Survey

2016 Consumer Finance Segmentation SurveyA national survey conducted in May 2016 for CFP Board by KRC Research shows Americans are trying to save and feel optimistic about their financial futures, even with competing financial interests and uncertainty about their own finances. The survey’s analysis finds Americans fall into four distinct segments nearly equal in size: Concerned Strivers, Confident Savers, Stretched Worriers & Tentative Savers.

Read the Survey Report (PDF, 280KB)
View an Infographic (PDF, 461KB)

2015 Stress Awareness Month Survey Report 

A survey conducted in April 2015 by ORC International for CFP Board found that Americans, particularly women and younger people, overwhelmingly experience stress when it comes to thinking about and managing their finances.

Read the Survey Report (PDF, 94KB)

2014 Investor Preferences in Selecting a Financial Advisor

A survey conducted in November 2014 by ORC International for CFP Board found that consumers value Certifications, Training and Experience when choosing a financial advisor. 

Read the Survey Report (PDF, 257KB)

2014 Consumer College Saving Survey

A survey conducted in September 2014 by ORC International for CFP Board found that living expenses prevent many American parents from saving for their children’s higher education, with a third of American parents still repaying their own student loan debt.

Read the Survey Report (PDF, 305KB)

2013 Household Financial Planning Survey: Most American Households do Financial Planning, Extent of Planning Varies

Research sponsored by CFP Board and the Consumer Federation of America found that nearly nine in 10 American households engage in some type of formal or informal financial planning. The research shows the extent of this planning varies greatly, from 19% who are comprehensive planners to 71% identified as basic (38%) or limited (33%) planners; 10% are non-planners.

Read the Survey Report (PDF, 683KB)
View the Infographic (PDF, 312KB)

2013 Financial Adviser Consumer Survey: Americans Expect Total Financial Situation to be Considered; Certifications Valued

An online survey conducted by ORC International for CFP Board found that Americans are looking for comprehensive financial advice and competent advisers with a financial planning certification.
 Read the Full Survey Report  (PDF, 356KB)

2012 Household Financial Planning Survey: A Financial Plan Helps American Families Better Manage Their Finances

A national survey conducted in May 2012 by Princeton Survey Research Associates International for CFP Board and the Consumer Federation of America found Americans with a comprehensive financial plan feel more confident and successful managing their finances.

Read a Summary of the Report (PDF, 261KB)
Read the Full Survey Report (PDF, 670KB)

2011 Public Opinion Survey: Americans' Views on the National Economy and Personal Finances

A national opinion poll conducted in June 2011 by KRC Research for CFP Board found Americans with a plan are more optimistic and willing to contribute to the economy.

Read the Survey Report (PDF, 87KB)

2010 Public Opinion Survey: Americans' Views on the Economy and the Financial System

A national opinion poll conducted in July 2010 by Penn, Schoen Berland to mark the 25th anniversary of CFP Board found Americans are keeping their optimism in check and preparing for a long and slow return to growth.

Read the Survey Report (PDF, 126KB)

2009 National Consumer Survey on Personal Finance

In May-June 2009, CFP Board sponsored this study to establish baseline data on current consumer personal finance and financial planning-related attitudes and behaviors. The survey finds that preparing for retirement and managing income while in retirement are among the top issues confronting American consumers. Despite these concerns, however, nearly two thirds of those households do not have a written financial plan.

Read the Survey Report (PDF, 749KB)

2004 Consumer Survey

CFP Board's 2004 survey of upper-income American consumers found them worried about their finances and looking for ethics and competency standards in their financial advisors. Thirty-nine percent of upper income consumers were worried about their own lack of control over their finances, going into debt, their families' financial future and not having enough money for retirement, according to CFP Board's 2004 Consumer Survey.

Read the Survey Report (PDF, 316KB)

2004 General Market Consumer Survey

In contrast to the 2004 Consumer Survey which surveyed upper-income individuals, CFP Board also conducted a general market survey of households with an average income is $52,000 and a median net worth of $153,000. Survey participants said that they saved or invested 10% of their total income.

Read the Survey Report (PDF, 227KB)

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