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July 2015

Nancy Kistner

Eleanor Blayney, CFP®

From CFP Board's Consumer Advocate

The Momentum and Energy of Our Women’s Initiative is Growing!

Over the past few months, I have spoken at women’s conferences hosted by InvestmentNews and Financial Planning magazine, and the energy and enthusiasm that can be seen and heard in a room full of smart, ambitious women is unbelievable. It makes me even more convinced that our profession gets stronger and better the more women’s voices are heard.


Women in Congress Take Up the Cause of Supporting Women and Minorities in Financial Management


On July 9, Congresswoman Maxine Waters from California, Senator Cory Booker from New Jersey, and Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts were joined by Congressman Gregory Meeks from New York in hosting a summit to discuss the barriers preventing women asset managers from being included in the management of federal pension plans.

This summit was the first time congressional leaders have met to discuss the issue of gender and minority disparity among federal contractors hired to manage the government’s pension plans.

Learn more about the summit here  

Addressing Gender Folklore: Diversity in Investing, or Investing in Diversity?

This is the title of a recent white paper from the State Street Center for Applied Research. It is a must-read for anyone interested in the shortage of women in the investment industry.

Building on an earlier State Street study, “The Folklore of Finance,” which contends that the models for success in the investment industry are broken, this white paper considers the provocative question “Do gender-specific differences in investing contribute to the industry’s failure to deliver alpha consistently?”

Read the white paper here 


Women Rocking Wall Street (WRWS)


Eleanor Blayney will be a guest on the “Women Rocking Wall Street” podcast with Sheri Fitts, social media expert and financial services marketer.

She and Sheri will discuss CFP Board’s research on the gender issue in financial planning, and its recommendations for getting more women to get their CFP® certification.

The podcast can be downloaded beginning August 12 from iTunes, Stitcher, or Sheri’s website.


The WIN Advocate Program: Over 250 Advocates in 34 States!


As the number of WIN Advocates continues to grow, CFP Board has been working to bring you the latest information about this exciting program and ways CFP® professionals can get involved. Learn more about our recent webinar and other opportunities:

CFP Board June WIN Webinar

CFP Board’s Managing Director of Public Policy and Communications, Marilyn Mohrman-Gillis, and Eleanor Blayney recently hosted a webinar that provided an update on WIN, as well as ways CFP® professionals can get involved as WIN Advocates and support the initiative (including presentations from current WIN Advocates who shared their experiences).

View the webinar here

Building a Community Among WIN Advocates

CFP Board received many questions from those who participated in our most recent WIN webinar, indicating a high level of interest in and concern with the issue of gender disparity in our profession. In addition, some excellent suggestions were made for advancing the WIN agenda, such as building community among WIN Advocates so they can share ideas and resources, and coordinate contacts with target audiences. Accordingly, we are asking ALL CURRENT WIN ADVOCATES to let CFP Board know if they are willing to allow their name and contact information to be shared with other Advocates. Please respond by sending an email to

WIN Advocates Invited to Participate on “Women Rocking Wall Street” Podcast

As announced earlier in this newsletter, Eleanor Blayney will be the guest of Sheri Fitts, social media expert and financial service marketing, on her regular podcast “Women Rocking Wall Street.” As part of the pre-podcast interview, Eleanor told Sheri about the WIN Advocate program. Sheri was really interested in the program, and would love to have WIN Advocates speak on her podcast. If you are interested in participating, please send an email to


WIN at Work in the Washington, D.C. Area


Two key age groups – teens and college students – were recently reached in the Washington, D.C. area with the message that financial planning is a great career for women!

WIN Advocates Rita Cheng, CFP® and Deb Kriebel, CFP® went to Maryland county libraries to teach financial planning lessons and promote financial planning as a career, while Eleanor Blayney spoke to Georgetown University students about the opportunities for women in financial planning.

WIN Advocates Take Their Message to Public Libraries

WIN Advocates Rita Cheng, CFP® and Deb Kriebel, CFP® conducted three workshops reaching 50 teenagers as part of a program sponsored by the Financial Literacy Organization for Women and Girls (FLOW). The workshops were held on July 7, July 14 and July 21 at public libraries in Bethesda, Burtonsville and Rockville, MD. Rita and Deb presented budgeting concepts, engaged the kids in a fun budgeting exercise and talked about career opportunities in the financial planning profession.

CFP Board Speaks at Georgetown University Diversity Program

Eleanor Blayney was one of five Washington, D.C. financial planners who spoke in June to students enrolled in Georgetown University’s registered financial planning program about the need for more women and minorities to pursue their CFP® certification. Many of the students were preparing for the CFP® Exam and wanted advice on how to acquire the necessary experience to qualify for certification.






The mission of CFP Board’s Women’s Initiative (WIN) is to identify why relatively few women choose to become part of the financial planning profession, to make recommendations for encouraging and supporting women to pursue careers in financial planning, and to undertake efforts and campaigns to address the “feminine famine” in financial planning.


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