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February 21, 2013

CFP Board is pleased to announce the launch of our redesigned public websites, www.CFP.net and www.LetsMakeAPlan.org.

In addition to refreshing the look and feel of the websites, the resources on the sites have been reorganized to provide clearer navigation options, and we have introduced enhancements to a number of features, several of which are highlighted below.

This is the first phase of a major project to update CFP Board’s online presence, and the new websites have benefitted greatly from the feedback of CFP® professionals and our other stakeholders. We look forward to sharing with you future updates, including an overhaul of our private, login-protected sites. And we welcome your feedback on the redesigned sites.


Marketing Resources

CFP Board’s public awareness campaign includes a toolkit of resources that CFP® professionals can use in their local communities to extend the reach of the campaign. From customizable ad templates to artwork for the CFP® marks, you will find the campaign resources and other marketing materials available to CFP® professionals at www.CFP.net/marketing.

Find a CFP® Professional / Contact a CFP® Professional

This popular tool now allows you to upload your photo and provide additional information about your business, including an optional disclosure or disclaimer statement, and up to 6 business addresses. The tool also includes a new feature that will allow potential clients to contact you with an appointment request or other message directly through CFP Board’s website.

This tool has also been updated so that you and other CFP® professionals may indicate a maximum of 7 areas of specialization. If your search profile previously included more than 7 areas of specialization, your profile has been updated to include only the first 7 in alphabetical order.

We encourage you to review the new options and update your profile by logging at www.CFP.net/log-in, accessing your account, and selecting the “Update Search Profile” link.  (Your username is your email address on record with CFP Board.)

Find a CE Program

This tool has been updated with several new features to help you find relevant continuing education programs that CFP Board accepts toward your renewal requirements. In addition to searching by the name of a sponsoring organization, you can now search by topic or keyword, or limit your search to programs that provide a specific number of CE hours. Try the new search at www.CFP.net/FindCE.

Compliance Resources

CFP Board has developed a number of resources to assist CFP professionals in complying with the Standards of Professional Conduct. Find a compliance checklist, sample disclosure and client agreement forms, frequently asked questions, and recordings of past webinars on key issues related to the Standards at www.CFP.net/compliance.


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