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Joshua T. Charles, CFP® Professional, Washington DC
CFP Board Ambassadors

Joshua T. Charles, CFP®

Washington, DC

Joshua T. Charles is the founder of Financial-360, LLC. About twenty years ago, he looked around for a financial professional who could help him address the issues unique to his life as a gay man with a life partner. He couldn’t find one, and a career was born. Joshua found his calling through that experience and has spent his 20+ year career helping to plan for and protect people who are not naturally afforded protections.

As Joshua has watched the evolution of the LGBT movement in the U.S., he has felt compelled to keep up with all of the learning that goes along with being an advocate and expert to the LGBT community. His career has paralleled the rise and fall of "Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell," it has seen DOMA overturned, domestic partnership benefits recognized by more and more companies and gay marriage legalized in over nearly half of the states. The financial planning issues that go along with these sweeping movements are complex and ever-changing, and Joshua is on a mission to constantly evolve his knowledge base too.