Discussion Forum How-To



Discussion Forum How-To

We encourage you to participate in discussions and to post original content in the Discussion Forum on CFP Board’s website.  Please follow these how-to tips to ensure you have a positive experience on the Forum. If you have feedback, a question or a problem when using the Forum, please let us know.

Please note: All comments post in real-time and include your name. Any post that does not add value, is perceived as spam, or is considered generally not appropriate to the discussion may be removed by the group managers. To report an inappropriate post, send an email to CFP Board identifying the post and reasons you believe it is inappropriate. Read the discussion forum guidelines.

Read, Follow Forum Content (no log in needed)

In order to read posts and comments made in a Forum, you need to simply navigate to the Forum, and read the posted content. Comments are posted in chronological order. A max of 30 comments will appear per page. Links to additional pages will appear at the bottom of each page.

As a Forum visitor, you may also share a post on social media by clicking a social media icon and following the steps to share the content. A Forum visitor may also choose to follow the discussion via an RSS Feed. Want to comment, but don’t have an account? Create one here.

Post a Comment (log in required)

We encourage you to post comments in the Forum. To post a comment, click the gold button, “Post a Reply.” The click-through will take you to the Comment box where you can enter your comment. Once completed, click the gold button, “Post this Reply.” Your comment will post in real time, and will appear in chronological order on the webpage.

Reply to a Comment (log in required)

You may want to reply to a posted comment. There are two ways to reply.

  1. Navigate to the comment you’d like to reply to, click the blue button, “Reply.” This will take you to the comment box. Prior to adding your comment, click the “Quote a post” link just above the comment box. This will automatically add the text of the comment to which you are replying. The comment will appear within [quote] brackets. Once that is added, you may post and submit your reply.
  2. Click the gold button, “Post a Reply.” You will be taken directly to the comment box. You may then click the “Quote a post” link, which will automatically generate this: “[quote] Your quote goes here [/quote].” Between the [quote] blocks, copy and paste the comment to which you are replying. Once that is added, you may post and submit your reply.

Once your reply comment is posted, next to the timestamp at the top of your post, you will see that your comment was “in reply to (commenter’s name).”

Edit a Comment (log in required)

You have the opportunity to edit any comment you previously posted. To edit a comment, find the post you’d like to edit, then click the “Edit post” link. This will place the text of the original post in the comment box. You will now be able to edit, add or delete text from the post. Once you’re done, click the gold button, “Save Changes.” Your edits will be saved, and your edited post will appear in its original location. Below the edited comment text will appear that states the comment was “Last modified on …”

Request to Delete a Comment You Posted

You must request to have a comment you posted deleted. Please send your request to mail@cfpboard.org and include a link to the original comment and state the reason you’d like it deleted. Comments are part of the original record of the Discussion Forum. The request will be considered by group managers.

To report an inappropriate post, send an email to CFP Board identifying the post and reasons you believe it is appropriate.

Share the Forum link on Social Media

You may choose to share the link to the Forum on a Social Media channel. If you have an account on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ you can easily share the Forum link. To share, navigate to the social media icons, click an icon with which you have an account, follow the prompts in the pop-up window, then submit to share with your followers. You may want to share the Forum link on social media when you have made a recent post that your followers might be interested in, or when there’s a particular topic that may be of interest to you that you’d like to share.

Link Directly to your Post

The Discussion Forum feature allows you to link directly to a post. This allows you to easily refer to a specific post with a link, enabling others to click directly to the post. There are two ways to copy the link.

  1. Navigate to the comment you’d like to link to. Click “Link to this post.” Then copy the link/URL, from the web browser window and paste it where you desire to embed the direct link.
  2. Navigate to the comment you’d like to link to. Right click (control-click if on a Mac) on “Link to this post” and select to copy the link. Then you may paste it where you desire to embed the direct link.

This direct link may be best used when sharing a specific comment in an email, on a webpage or via a social media channel.

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