The Business Case for More Women Financial Planning Professionals

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The Business Case for More Women Financial Planning Professionals

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  1. Eleanor Blayney, CFP®
    Eleanor Blayney, CFP® avatar
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    06/11/2014 11:32 AM
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    Sallie Krawcheck of 85 Broads made news recently by announcing her collaboration with PAX World to set up a mutual fund that invests in companies run by women, based on research findings that when there are more women at the top, financial performance is enhanced.

    The business case for more female financial planners is still emerging. Some believe that as women clients continue to acquire wealth, they will also be asking for women advisors.  Others believe that having more women leaders in financial planning firms generally enhances creativity and team productivity. 

    What are your thoughts on this topic? 

  2. Lili Vasileff
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    06/13/2014 4:37 PM in reply to Eleanor Blayney, CFP®
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    It would be our coming of age day when we do not have stretch so hard to find excellent female financial planning professionals but instead, find excellent planners who happen to be female.  Such as Barbra Streisand claimed when she won the Academy award for best female director....a one two punch. For this to happen, we must have weight with numbers of future female practitioners and a clear focus on standards of excellence and aspirations to be leaders.
2 posts, 0 featured