For Employers of CFP® Professionals


For Employers of CFP® Professionals

There are more than 70,000 professionals in the United States authorized by CFP Board to use the CFP® certification marks. A significant number of those CFP® professionals are employed by a small number of national firms. CFP Board enjoys strong working relationships with many of these firms and helps support internal efforts to increase the number of CFP® professionals and to make sure that firms have an accurate understanding of the requirements for CFP® certification. 

Why CFP® Certification is good for your firm

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The Value of CFP® Certification for Firms

The need for personal financial planning expertise is greater than ever, and CFP® certification is the financial planning designation most recognized by consumers and most desired within the financial services industry.  CFP® certification can be a key differentiator for firms and individual financial professionals looking to improve the quality of their advice and provide additional value to clients

Resources & Updates

CFP Board can assist your firm in these ways:

  • Collateral materials to support internal efforts to encourage certification.
  • Updates about CFP Board policies and procedures that may impact CFP® professionals or candidates for CFP Board's certification at the firm.
  • Firm Reports, which show those CFP® professionals who have reported an affiliation with a firm, allowing the firm to recognize newly certified individuals or to identify those who are close to their renewal date.
  • The opportunity to join CFP Board and other firms at an annual meeting to discuss CFP® certification and financial planning in the context of a corporate environment.
  • Personal visits and a contact within CFP Board to answer questions.

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To learn more about how CFP Board can support the efforts of firms, please contact John Loper, CFP®, CFP Board’s Director of Corporate Relations, at

More for Employers of CFP® Professionals

Support CFP® Professionals

Your firm’s CFP® professionals are some of your biggest assets.  Learn more about how you can partner with CFP Board to support current CFP® professionals and encourage others to advance their careers by achieving CFP® certification.
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Continuing Education

CFP® professionals are required to complete continuing education in order to maintain CFP® certification.  Your firm can assist CFP® professionals in keeping up-to-date with their CE obligations, and may also register to provide continuing education accepted by CFP Board.
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Professional Standards & Enforcement

CFP Board's rigorous enforcement of its Standards of Professional Conduct distinguishes the CFP® certification from the many other designations in the financial services industry.  CFP Board has developed resources to assist CFP® professionals in understanding and complying with the Standards.
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Annual Firms Meeting

This annual meeting for representatives of large firms that employ CFP® professionals is a valuable opportunity for firms to meet with CFP Board’s leadership and to learn about and share best practices for supporting CFP® professionals.
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Verify CFP® Certification Status

Register as a CE Sponsor

Help the CFP® professionals at your firm by becoming a CFP Board-registered Continuing Education Sponsor and offering in-house CE programs accepted by CFP Board.

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