September 2014 - Registered Program Newsletter

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September 2014 - Registered Program Newsletter

Dear Colleagues,

Greetings. I hope this message finds you well and in the midst or the start of a rewarding term. We are in the middle of a successful year so far, from the launch of some new and innovative CFP Board Registered Programs to the unveiling of the CCI (Certification Completion Initiative) Reports that will help us all improve upon our shared objective of shepherding individuals to their goal of CFP® certification. We had a record attendance at this year’s CFP Board Registered Program Conference and a successful first-ever Firms’ Night. In a November webinar, we will be unveiling the results of the new Job Analysis as well as the format of the next biennial renewal cycle that starts in January. I urge you to stay in-touch in the coming weeks and months ahead. Share our newsletter and webinars with faculty colleagues and certainly examine all of the resources that are available to you, your program, and students at If you have questions or want to talk about your program, please do not hesitate to email to schedule a call. CFP Board is grateful for each of our education partnerships and, perhaps just as important, our collaboration with faculty and program directors as we work together in reaching our shared objectives.

Very Truly Yours,

Charles R. Chaffin, Ed.D.
Director of Academic Programs and Initiatives
CFP Board

2014 CFP Board Registered Program Conference

CFP Board held its annual Registered Programs Conference on August 7-8. The theme of this year’s conference, Awareness; Education; Induction, provided an engaging framework that encapsulated the priorities of CFP Board Registered Programs and CFP® Professionals alike. Engaging students both within the classroom and in online learning platforms, as well as facilitating certificate and degree-seeking students’ journeys toward CFP® certification were among a number of topics covered at the conference. Find a number of presentations and resources from the conference relating to these subject matter areas, including aggregate self-assessment data from all registered programs, and a study by AITE that quantified and identified the benefits of CFP® Certification on our website at

Upcoming Renewal Registration Deadlines

CFP Board recently disseminated notifications regarding upcoming renewal registration deadlines for the remainder of 2014. Please note that recent changes have been made to the renewal application process, including the addition of a self-assessment portion which will allow programs to target and monitor objectives. CFP Board has a number of reference resources available at, including renewal application materials, webinars, best practices and self-assessment data. We encourage submission via email to

Education Verifications

Remember to submit a list of those who have completed your CFP Board Registered Program regularly. Uploads to our online Education Verification System can be made at In order to collect and monitor accurate data, programs are encouraged to submit account data relative to their grads. CFP Board encourages programs to submit names as early as possible so individuals are aware of their status and can move forward with the exam registration process.

CCI (Certification Completion Initiative) Reports Now Available Online

On May 1, 2014, CFP Board provided data to registered programs detailing the total number of graduates submitted, percentages of graduates who created a CFP Board account, took the CFP® exam, passed the exam, and became certified. These institutional specific reports are now available online and will be a part of the self-assessment portion of the renewal application during the 2015-2016 renewal period.

To access any one of these features, log on to our Education Verification System at:

CFP Board Introduces Computer-based Testing with November 2014 CFP® Exam

CFP Board is pleased to introduce computer-based testing for the CFP® Certification Examination, beginning with the November 2014 exam administration. The new exam format retains the rigor and content coverage of the paper-based format and provides an array of advantages to aspiring CFP® professionals, including increased convenience, flexibility in scheduling and efficiency over CFP Board’s paper-based exams. The computer-based CFP® exam will be administered during one-week windows three times a year, allowing candidates to choose a day of the week and test site location that is most convenient their personal schedule. In addition, candidates will receive preliminary, unofficial exam results before leaving the testing center, with official results available approximately 3 weeks following the close of the exam window.

Early registration will allow candidates more choice of when and where they wish to sit for the exam, which will be available at more than 250 Prometric testing sites. Candidates will also be allowed to reschedule the date or location of their exam free of charge if changes are request 30 days or more in advance. Changes made after this point and up to 5 days before the exam will incur a $100 scheduling fee. Additionally, candidates no longer have to wait for their education to be verified before registering and can schedule their exam with Prometric as soon as payment has been received.

Please encourage your students and graduates to register and schedule their testing appointments as early as possible; preferred testing sites and scheduling dates may be closed if capacity is filled.

Exam Window

Education Verification

Registration & Scheduling

Nov. 18-22, 2014

Oct.15, 2014

Nov. 4, 2014

Find more information about the CFP® exam's new format at:

Upcoming Webinar

CFP Board is planning a webinar this November for our Registered Program directors and faculty, to address the results of CFP Board's latest Job Analysis Study and to review 2015-2016 renewal requirements for Registered Programs.  Keep an eye out for more information in the coming weeks.

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