January 2014 - Registered Program Newsletter

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January 2014 - Registered Program Newsletter

January 2014

Dear Colleagues,

Happy New Year! As we begin another calendar year, I would like to first take a moment to reflect upon our accomplishments in 2013. First, we now have a record number of CFP Board-Registered Programs (353) with another 50 in development. This benchmark could not be achieved without your work and dedication in preparing future CFP® professionals. Second, we began working together to examine certification completion in a variety of different ways, exploring innovative avenues to shepherd students from program matriculation to CFP® certification. This important project of collecting data and sharing best practices will continue through 2014 as we find better ways to help students reach their objective of completing CFP® certification. Finally in 2013, we began a biennial registration renewal process that focuses upon program assessment, exploring the strengths and weaknesses of all aspects of the CFP Board-Registered Program. This is a necessary process that facilitates more reflection and dialogue amongst faculty, administration, and alumni, all in an effort to strengthen instruction, industry engagement, and program/certification completion. All of these objectives and accomplishments could not be achieved without you and your institution’s commitment to CFP® certification.

There are some important and exciting initiatives coming in 2014. Please stay engaged with CFP Board through our webinars and email lists. Share our correspondence with colleagues and administrators in your programs and encourage your students to obtain a free CFP Board account. All of this engagement is vital as we continue to work together in achieving our shared objectives.

I am excited about what 2014 will bring, and I look forward to furthering our important educational partnership.

Very Truly Yours,

Charles R. Chaffin, Ed.D.
Director of Academic Programs and Initiatives
CFP Board

Important Learning Objectives Validation Study

On Wednesday, January 15, CFP Board will be disseminating a survey regarding the Student-Centered Learning Objectives document. This survey is designed to validate the document created in 2011. This is a very important research study as it will benefit both faculty and students in further defining the knowledge and skills necessary for CFP® certification. We are asking all of our faculty within each of our 353 CFP Board-Registered Programs to participate in this survey. Due to the importance of this study, the survey will be sent to all program contacts, directors, and chief academic officers that have been listed with CFP Board. We hope that you will take the time to both complete it as well as pass the link along to your colleagues teaching within your CFP Board-Registered Program.

Webinar: CFP Board-Registered Program Winter 2014 Update, January 30

The January 2014 CFP Board-Registered Program Webinar will take place on Thursday, January 30 at 1 p.m. (Eastern Time). We hope that you and your colleagues will plan to participate. Register for the Winter Webinar

Computer-Based Testing for CFP® Certification Examination

CFP Board is very pleased to announce the move to computer-based testing for the CFP® Certification Examination beginning with the November 2014 exam. The computer-based exam format will provide test-takers increased opportunities to take the exam while retaining the rigor of the CFP® exam, which will continue to cover the same content detailed in CFP Board’s exam blueprint (Job Task Domains and Principal Topics).  We hope that you will read the announcement and share with all members of your registered program community.  

Read the announcement about the transition to computer-based testing >
Read answers to frequently asked questions >  

Short Survey regarding CFP Board Registered Program Conference

We hope you will take one minute to answer a brief survey regarding the CFP Board Registered Program Conference.  Take the survey >

Stay Engaged

Stay engaged with CFP Board and share our correspondence with colleagues at your institution. Please email registeredprograms@cfpboard.org to add any names, including faculty, administration, and career/advising center information to our mailing list as we send regular updates and important information through this channel.


If you have questions regarding the webinar, surveys or mailing list, please email us at registeredprograms@cfpboard.org or call 202-379-2224. 

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