Capstone Course FAQ

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Capstone Course FAQ

1. Including the new capstone course requirement, how many total contact hours will be required for each Registered Program?
270 contact hours.

2. How should we begin this new capstone course?
Beginning the financial plan development course with an initial review of program content at the theoretical level is a great opportunity to assess student achievement relative to content across the curriculum and to bridge any gaps between students’ initial introduction to content and their participation in this capstone experience. This type of review is also a great opportunity to assess the quality of instruction at your Registered Program before moving into the development of a comprehensive financial plan.

3. Can students present their comprehensive financial plan in groups of two if class sizes are extremely large?
Yes. It is important that students have the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to develop and present a comprehensive financial plan. The instructor of the capstone course needs to ensure that each student is receiving a thorough assessment during all components of this capstone experience. Therefore, the exact format of the assessment is at the discretion of the instructor.

4. Does the students’ presentation of the comprehensive financial plan have to be live?
No. Students can be asked to record their presentation if that is the most effective format. Instructors are encouraged, however, to ensure that there are no issues with regard to academic integrity (learner identity, timeliness of presentation, etc.) throughout this assessment.

5. Can I get help from professionals to assess students’ presentation of the comprehensive financial plan?
Yes. Registered Programs are encouraged to engage CFP® professionals in assisting with student assessment. This is a great opportunity to not only get help with assessment, but also showcase the skill-level of your students, which could lead to future employment opportunities for alumni. CFP Board recommends that any non-faculty CFP® professionals involved in the assessment be provided a thorough orientation to ensure that the assessments are valid.

6. In general, what is the biggest change to our programs beyond the capstone course?
The content requirements for CFP Board-Registered Programs are relatively unchanged, even with the introduction of the financial plan development course requirement and the recent changes to the CFP® Examination blueprint. CFP Board continues to encourage instructors to invent avenues for students to experience the required content, moving beyond a theoretical understanding to application, synthesis, evaluation, and creativity.

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