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Resources for Registered Programs

Please find information, forms and updates related to CFP Board-Registered Programs below. Use the quick links to easily navigate to the resources.

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Applications and Forms

Registered Program Initial Application (Word, 665 KB)

CFP Board Registered Program Renewal Application (2017-2018) (PDF, 664KB)


CFP Board Registered Programs Spring 2016 Update: In this webinar recorded on April 26, 2016, Dr. Charles Chaffin, CFP Board’s Director of Academic Programs and Initiatives, provides a review of Registered Program requirements and new initiatives, program evaluation data and the 2017 CFP Board Registered Program Conference immediately following the Academic Research Colloquium for Financial Planning and Related Disciplines organized by the CFP Board Center for Financial Planning.

Topics Addressed Include:

CFP Board Registered Programs Fall 2015 Update: Held on November 10, 2015, Dr. Charles Chaffin, CFP Board’s Director of Academic Programs and Initiatives, presents the latest updates for directors and faculty of CFP Board-Registered Programs, including a review of Registered Program requirements and new initiatives.

Topics addressed include:

  • CFP Board Registered Program statistics
  • New Baccalaureate, Certificate and Graduate Programs
  • CFP Board Registered Program Graduation Submissions 
  • Retention;
  • CFP Board Center for Financial Planning 
  • Certification Completion Initiative (CCI) Reports

Download the CFP Board Registered Programs Fall 2015 Update Slides (PDF, 525KB)

CFP Board-Registered Programs Winter 2015 Update: Held on January 29, 2015, this webinar featured important updates for CFP Board Registered Programs from CFP Board's Dr. Charles Chaffin, Director of Academic Programs and Initiatives, Dr. Isabelle Gonthier, Director of Examinations, and Dr. Lisa Andrews, Career Services Manager. Topics addressed include:

Download the CFP Board Registered Programs Winter 2015 Update Slides (PDF, 840KB)

CFP Board-Registered Programs Spring 2014 Update: Held on April 29, 2014, this webinar provided an update on CFP Board’s initiatives, program evaluation data and the 2014 CFP Board Registered Program Conference, including the newly added Firms’ Night that will bring together financial planning firms and CFP Board-Registered Programs to discuss collaboration opportunities. A recording is available below.

 Download the CFP Board-Registered Programs Spring 2014 Update Slides (PDF, 116KB)

CFP Board-Registered Programs Winter 2014 Update: Held on January 30, 2014, this webinar was hosted by Dr. Charles Chaffin, CFP Board's Director of Academic Programs and Initiatives. He presented important updates for directors and faculty of CFP Board-Registered Programs, including data on student trends and student completion, and discussed CFP Board's education initiatives. A recording is available below.

Download the CFP Board-Registered Programs Winter 2014 Update Slides (PDF, 838KB)

Prospective Programs Webinar

This webinar provides information for educational institutions considering establishing a new CFP Board-Registered Program.


Criteria for Registration of a Financial Planning Curriculum with CFP Board (PDF, 1MB)

Student-Centered Learning Objectives Resource Document

CFP Board has released a resource regarding student-centered learning outcomes relative to CFP Board principal topics. CFP Board Registered Program directors and faculty are welcome to use the guide in their classroom or learning platforms.

Learning Objectives Resource Document (PDF, 533KB)

This Learning Objectives resource document was created by CFP Board's Curriculum and Instruction Working Group to be an effective guide in the development of course learning objectives, learning experiences and program development. We appreciate everyone who provided comments on the discussion draft of the resource document that was released at the 2011 CFP Board Registered Program Conference.

September 2011 Webinar

This recorded event features CFP Board's resource document, Student-Centered Learning Objectives based upon CFP Board Principal Topics, presented by the working group of respected academics that drafted the document.

2014 Registered Program Conference Resources

On August 7-8, 2014, CFP Board held its annual Registered Programs Conference. This year's theme, Awareness; Education; Induction, served as a platform for furthering our discipline relative to specific subject matter areas, engaging students both within the classroom and in online learning platforms, as well as facilitating certificate and degree-seeking students’ journeys toward CFP® certification. Presentations from the conference are available below:

Perceptions of Graduates of CFP Board Registered Programs Regarding Experiences that Impact CFP Certification Completion (PDF, 202KB) 

The Power of Data in our CFP Board Registered Programs: Program Evaluation and Certification Completion (PDF, 667KB) 

CFP Board Registered Programs-Aggregate Self-Assessment Data (PDF, 553KB)

Aite Group Research Report (PDF, 978KB)

Education Verification System

CFP Board has released a new online process for Registered Programs to submit student eligibility information to CFP Board. The online Education Verification System provides a convenient way for Registered Programs to submit lists of their program's graduates and assist those graduates in taking the next steps toward CFP® certification.

Individuals identified by a CFP Board-Registered Program as the Program Director and/or Primary Contact may now submit eligibility lists through CFP Board's online Education Verification System, accessible from

Overview of Education Verification System (Video)
Tip Sheet for Using the Education Verification System (PDF, 41KB)
Template for Eligibility List Uploads  (Excel, 1KB)
Login to the Education Verification System
Personal Information Release Form (Word, 12KB) - This form is a resource for Registered Programs to collect the necessary information for education submissions.

Capstone Course

Challenge Status Reporting Form (Excel, 17KB) - A list of all 'challenge status' students who complete a capstone course at a Registered Program must be submitted to using this form.

October 2011 Webinar - This webinar for CFP Board-Registered Programs was the third in a series focused on CFP Board's new capstone course requirement, hosted by Dr. Charles Chaffin.

April 2011 Webinar - This recorded event reviews CFP Board's financial plan development course requirement and possible avenues for implementation of this course based upon a variety of instructional delivery methods and registered program types.

July 2010 Webinar - This recorded event addresses details of the updated CFP® Certification Examination blueprint and the upcoming implementation of the Financial Plan Development Course and their impact on CFP Board-Registered Programs.

Financial Plan Development Course Criteria - Learn about related curriculum change information.


CFP Board Career Center

Encourage your students and graduates to visit the new online CFP Board Career Center that will serve as the destination for those interested in a career as a financial planner, the CFP® certification, and job and internship opportunities.

Visit the CFP Board Career Center
Share our Career Center Flier with Your Students and Graduates (PDF, 1.9MB)

Financial Planning Challenge

CFP Board is pleased to collaborate with the Financial Planning Association® (FPA®), the Academy of Financial Services and Ameriprise Financial to host the Financial Planning Challenge.

The Financial Planning Challenge is a competition created to support the next generation of financial planners by:

  • Engaging students and program directors in the financial planning community.
  • Raising awareness of career opportunities.
  • Encouraging learning and networking in the financial planning profession.

Learn more about the Financial Planning Challenge

Marketing Toolkit

CFP Board has developed a variety of materials CFP Board-Registered Programs can use to supplement their marketing efforts.

View the Registered Program Marketing Toolkit

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You may also Download the Copyright Permission Request form (pdf) and send the completed form to CFP Board by mail or fax to:

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Updates for Registered Programs

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