2014 Session Descriptions

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2014 Session Descriptions

Opening Session Sponsored by Wiley: Thursday, August 7, 4:00 p.m.

The Power of Data in our CFP Board Registered Programs: Program Evaluation and Certification Completion

Dr. Charles Chaffin, CFP Board  

Dr. Chaffin will discuss a variety of initiatives related to CFP Board Registered Programs, including self-assessment data related to registration renewal, Certification Completion Initiative Institutional Reports, and avenues for improving student achievement and program sustainability for all program types and delivery methods.

General Session: Thursday, August 7, 5:00 p.m.

Firms' Panel 

This panel, comprised of a variety of different firms from across the United States, will provide examples of how professional practice and CFP Board Registered Programs can partner to bring new future CFP® professionals into firms, while supporting graduates’ path to certification.

General Session Presented by Kaplan: Friday, August 8, 8:00 a.m.

Perceptions of Graduates of CFP Board Registered Programs Regarding Experiences that Impact CFP® Certification Completion

Dr. Kristy Archuleta, Kansas State University
Dr. Ronald Sages, CFP®, Kansas State University
Dr. Charles Chaffin, CFP Board

This study, co-authored between CFP Board and Kansas State University, explored the perceptions of graduates of CFP Board Registered Programs regarding experiences that affect their pursuit of CFP® certification following graduation. This qualitative study examined the perceptions of 17 graduates from a variety of CFP Board Registered Programs, regarding their perceptions of motivating factors and impediments to their journey towards certification completion. This presentation is designed to assist in developing avenues for improving certification completion among graduates and coincides with the recently disseminated Certification Completion Initiative reports, highlighting the progress of graduates from each CFP Board Registered Program from 2012-present.

General Session: Friday, August 8, 9:30 a.m.

Updates from CFP Board’s Leadership

CFP Board’s CEO, Kevin Keller, will share thoughts on the important partnership between CFP Board and our CFP Board-Registered Programs, highlighting opportunities to achieve specific outcomes that will further our shared goals of preparing the next generation of CFP® professionals and establishing financial planning as a recognized profession.

General Session: Friday, August 8, 10:15 a.m.

CFP Board Women’s Initiative (WIN) Panel Discussion

This panel discussion will focus on CFP Board’s WIN initiative, designed to bolster the number of women CFP® professionals, which now stands at 23 percent of all CFP® professionals – a number that hasn’t budged for more than a decade. CFP Board has conducted research that addresses the root causes of why more women aren’t choosing financial planning as a career and earning the CFP® certification. The research presented in this panel discussion will have implications for registered programs and firms in addressing this important growth topic.  

General Session: Friday, August 8, 11:15 a.m.

Stories from Registered Programs Regarding the New CFP Board Registered Program Renewal Process and Self-Assessment  

Charlotte Anders, Old Dominion University
Lori Crose, Oakland University
Dr. Tom Warschauer, CFP® San Diego State University

This panel will discuss a variety of Registered Programs’ experiences in completing the new CFP Board Registered Program renewal process, focusing on the self-assessment process that identifies strengths, weaknesses, and the methodology for identification of those areas. This panel, representing a variety of program types and delivery formats, will also focus on ways in which CFP Board Registered Program faculty can involve a variety of stakeholders in both program assessment as well as improving student achievement, program sustainability, and certification completion.

Concurrent Sessions: Friday, August 8, 1:15 p.m.

From Novice to Pro: Partner with NAPFA to Prep Students for Fee-Only Careers

Dr. Lukas R. Dean, William Paterson University
Dr. Ron Rhoades, CFP®, Alfred State College

Dr. Dean and Dr. Rhoades will discuss the educational and professional development opportunities that are available to faculty and students. This session will also explore how CFP Board Registered Programs and NAPFA can work together to prepare students for a career in Fee-Only financial planning

Sharing Pedagogical Resources to Prepare Students to Enter the Profession

Elizabeth Jetton, CFP®, California Lutheran University
Duncan Williams, William Paterson University

Thanks to a grant from TD Ameritrade and assistance from several key industry and academic players, William Paterson University has been developing a set of online courses to help students develop jobs-based competencies.  The courses run the gamut from an introduction to business models in financial planning to soft skills to the use of technology, and they will be made available to all CFP Board registered programs. The presentation will review the course design and content, with a focus on the flexibility with which the resources can be used.  Instructors may choose to integrate specific lessons into existing courses, use a course or set of courses as framework for new course development, or make the resources available to their students on not-for-credit basis.

Teaching Financial Planning Case Studies Using a Smart Student Response System

Dr. John Grable, CFP®, University of Georgia
Wookjae Heo, University of Georgia

Those who teach a capstone class in financial planning often become discouraged when thinking about effective ways to assess student performance. Issues related to promoting outside reading among students, developing synergistic strategic planning skills, and evaluating case planning competencies tend to dominate course design thinking. The purpose of this presentation is to provide examples of how an inexpensive smart student response system -- Socrative® -- can be incorporated into a live classroom situation.  Socrative® allows faculty members to create student assessment prior to and during class that can be accessed via a web-enabled device, such as a smart phone or tablet.

Concurrent Sessions: Friday, August 8, 2:30 p.m.

Partner with FPA to Help Your Students Get Ahead!

Financial Planning Association

Financial Planning Association invites attendees to engage in their efforts to support the next generation of financial planners. This session will outline the new FPA University Program as well as the unique resources that are offered to help students along their career paths.

Leveraging the Benefits of an Advisory Board to Supercharge CFP Board Registered Programs

Dr. Ronald Sages, CFP®, Kansas State University

This proposal will present a rationale, approach, and methodology for the formation of a working Advisory Board to support CFP Board Registered Programs. Working Advisory Boards can complement and strengthen the visibility of existing Financial Planning Programs within the host institution as well as in the local community. Through this initiative, student engagement, retention, and education can be enhanced by combining best practices of the financial planning profession with academic rigor. This session will demonstrate that such an effort can enhance student loyalty through mentoring, internships, faculty connection, job placement assistance, regular communications, and real world experiences. 

Incorporating Socially Responsible Investing Considerations into the CFP® Curriculum

Ed Hutton, Niagara University

This presentation will discuss how Niagara University has incorporated a SRIF (Socially Responsible Investment Funds) component into the Investment Planning and Capstone Course within its CFP Board Registered Program. A SRI client questionnaire will be distributed that can be used in cases within the Capstone Course. The session will also discuss the SRIF matrix that can be used to match client’s needs, as well as the challenges of finding, investing, and monitoring SRIF investments. 

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