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Social Media Guide

To help spread the word about the importance and benefits of working with a CFP® professional and to raise awareness about CFP® certification, CFP Board has created content for CFP® professionals to use on their personal or business-related social media channels. Before using any of this content, please check with your compliance department to insure adherence to applicable regulations.

General Social Media Tips

  • Schedule the posting of your content at times that your followers are most likely to be on their social media networks.
  • Spread out your social media posts to avoid cluttering your followers' feeds and work in original content in between CFP Board-created posts.
  • When space allows, include in your posts a link to CFP Board's consumer website,, or to your website that features your CFP® certification.
  • Use a link shortening tool such as, or to shorten links and track click-through rates.

Find additional tips on using social media in CFP Board's Social Media Guide for CFP® Professionals (PDF, 2 MB).


  • Follow CFP Board accounts @CFPBoard and @CFPBoardmedia.

  • Retweet CFP Board-generated posts to your followers.

  • Post versions of the sample posts that follow:

Bring all your finances together with the help of the 1 person who can: a CFP® professional

Pull together your finances with a comprehensive approach and the help of a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional

Integrity, Objectivity, Competence, Fairness, Confidentiality, Professionalism, Diligence = the ethical standards of CFP® professionals

Your finances cannot manage themselves, but they may try. Get help from a CFP® professional

Confused by all those letters financial planners use? The CFP® certification stands above the rest

Look for the CFP® mark: it distinguishes #financial planners who take the commitment to education, experience and ethics seriously

Too much information when it comes to your personal finances? Let a CFP® professional make sense of it all

Need financial advice but not sure where to go? Stick to professionals with the CFP® certification: the standard in financial planning

Are you running from 1 financial specialist to another? Find a CFP® professional who takes a comprehensive approach & makes sense of it all

A piecemeal approach to personal finance leaves a lot of cracks. Try the comprehensive view of a CFP® professional

The ethical standards of CFP® professionals: Integrity, Objectivity, Competence, Fairness, Confidentiality, Professionalism, Diligence


  • Follow and promote the CFP Board's Let's Make A Plan Facebook page from your personal or organization's page.

  • "Share" posts from CFP Board's page on your personal or organization's page.

  • Create your own posts by using copy from within an ad to promote the benefits of working with a CFP® professional.


  • Join CFP Board's LinkedIn group to engage in discussions with others who share your interest in financial planning, and to share ideas and discuss topics related to the financial planning profession.

  • Follow CFP Board's LinkedIn company page for regular updates and information

  • Display the CFP® marks after your last name within your LinkedIn profile.

  • Enhance your profile by adding a Certifications section to your profile and highlighting your CFP® certification.

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