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Practice Standards 600


600-1: Defining Monitoring Responsibilities

The financial planning practitioner and client shall mutually define monitoring responsibilities.

Explanation of this Practice Standard

The purpose of this Practice Standard is to clarify the role, if any, of the practitioner in the monitoring process. By clarifying this responsibility, the client's expectations are more likely to be in alignment with the level of monitoring services which the practitioner intends to provide.

If engaged for monitoring services, the practitioner shall make a reasonable effort to define and communicate to the client those monitoring activities the practitioner is able and willing to provide. By explaining what is to be monitored, the frequency of monitoring and the communication method, the client is more likely to understand the monitoring service to be provided by the practitioner.

The monitoring process may reveal the need to reinitiate steps of the financial planning process. The current scope of the engagement may need to be modified.

Effective Date

January 1, 2002.

Relationship of this Practice Standard to CFP Board's Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct

This Practice Standard relates to CFP Board's Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct through Principle 7 - Diligence and Rules 1.2, 3.3, 3.4 and 4.1.

Anticipated Impact of this Practice Standard

Upon the Public

The public is served when the practitioner and client have similar perceptions and a mutual understanding about the responsibilities for monitoring the recommendation(s).

Upon the Financial Planning Profession

The profession benefits when clients are satisfied. Clients are more likely to be satisfied when expectations of the monitoring process are both realistic and clear. This Practice Standard promotes awareness that financial planning is a dynamic process rather than a single action.

Upon the Financial Planning Practitioner

A mutually defined agreement of the monitoring responsibilities increases the potential for client satisfaction and clarifies the practitioner's responsibilities.

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