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25698 – Anonymous Case History
Decision: Suspension
Keyword(s): Commission/Compensation; Suitability; Borrowing from Client; Misrepresentation; Conflict of Interest
Standard(s) Violated: Article 704; 102; 606(b); 409; 607; 501; 201
Matter Type(s): Civil Court
Decision Date: 07/10/2013
Summary: Whether a CFP® professional (“Respondent”) violated CFP Board’s Standards of Professional Conduct when he: 1) described three private placement funds to a client as being safe and secure when they were actually highly speculative, nonpublic investments; 2) recommended and implemented a life insurance exchange for a client that resulted in more expense and less benefit for the client and a large commission for Respondent; 3) recommended and implemented an annuity exchange for a client that created a surrender penalty of approximately $21,000 for the client and a large commission for Respondent; 4) recommended three private placements to a client in which Respondent was personally invested; 5) accepted an interest-free loan from a client without executing a promissory note; and 6) forwarded a client’s contact information to the representatives of three private placements without the client’s consent.

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