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19994 – Anonymous Case History
Decision: Revocation by DEC
Keyword(s): Outside Business Activity; Misrepresentation; Disclosure to Clients; Employer Policy Violation; Failure to Respond to CFP Board; Conflict of Interest
Standard(s) Violated: Article Article 3(a); 201; 409; 406; 607; 102; Article 3(f); 606(b); 407(a); 408
Matter Type(s): Professionalism; Client Dissatisfaction; Civil Court
Decision Date: 04/07/2008
Summary: Whether a CFP® certificant violated CFP Board’s Standards of Professional Conduct when she sold an interest-bearing promissory note to her client (“Client”) that she represented to the Client as a limited liability interest in a real estate investment venture.

22866 – Anonymous Case History
Decision: Suspension
Keyword(s): Disclosure to Clients; Conflict of Interest; Client's Best Interest; Diligence; Suitability; Misrepresentation
Standard(s) Violated: Article 102; 607; 202; 606(b); 201; 701; 703; Article 3(a)
Matter Type(s): FINRA Arbitration
Decision Date: 12/28/2011
Summary: Whether a CFP® professional (“Respondent”) violated CFP Board’s Standards of Professional Conduct when he: 1) failed to disclose in the financial planning agreement that his employer had a material conflict of interest because it maintained “preferred supplier” relationships in which it received financial bonuses for selling the “preferred suppliers’” products that were in excess of the financial compensation it received for selling other products; 2) failed to provide the client with sufficient alternatives to his investment recommendations; 3) implemented his investment recommendations prior to presenting the client with the initial financial plan; and 4) placed a majority of the client’s assets in deferred annuities, which did not provide a regular income stream to meet the client’s projected expenses and did not meet their goal of minimizing estate taxes.

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