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23037 – Anonymous Case History
Decision: Private Censure
Keyword(s): Diligence; Customer Complaints; Fitness; Client's Best Interest; Disclosure to Clients; Fraud Related to Professional Activity; Lawsuits Involving Financial Matters; Professionalism; Misrepresentation
Standard(s) Violated: Article 409; 607; Article 3(a); 606(b); 102; 201; 606(a); 202
Matter Type(s): Client Dissatisfaction
Decision Date: 06/21/2011
Summary: Whether a CFP® professional (“Respondent”) violated CFP Board’s Standards of Professional Conduct when he failed to inform his financial planning client that he was renting her property below the market price and that he exercised discretionary authority over her online account without obtaining prior written authorization from the client and principal approval from Respondent’s firm.

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