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29350 – Anonymous Case History
Decision: Private Censure
Keyword(s): Employer Policy Violation; Suitability; Client's Best Interest; Securities Laws Violation; Professional Discipline
Standard(s) Violated: Article 2.1; 4.1; 6.5; 4.5; 4.6; 4.3; 4.4
Matter Type(s): FINRA Discipline
Decision Date: 04/10/2015
Summary: Whether a CFP® professional (“Respondent”) violated CFP Board’s Standards of Professional Conduct when he: 1) failed to disclose information related to the liquidity of, risks associated with, and the assets underlying an investment product; 2) failed to make and preserve books and records as required under the Exchange Act rules by having a record of basic identifying and financial information for the two clients involved in purchasing an investment; 3) allowed an unregistered employee to effect the purchase of an investment; and 4) failed to enforce his firm’s written supervisory procedures by failing to prepare new account forms and record basic identifying and financial information for the clients’ who purchased an investment.

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