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28815 – Anonymous Case History
Decision: Suspension
Keyword(s): Suitability; Client's Best Interest; Arbitration; Professional Discipline; Misrepresentation; Professionalism
Standard(s) Violated: Article 703; 202; 704; 606(a); 607; 201; 606(b); 6.5; 6.2
Matter Type(s): Other Professional Discipline; Other Arbitration
Decision Date: 04/10/2015
Summary: Whether a CFP® professional (“Respondent”) violated CFP Board’s Standards of Professional Conduct when she 1) recommended a client invest 75% of her IRA funds in a risky, illiquid alternative investment; 2) recommended and facilitated the sale of interests in six unregistered, real estate investment contracts to 55 of her clients; 3) facilitated the sale of investments without reasonable grounds to believe that the recommendation was suitable for her customers; and 4) failed to disclose a government investigation and a client-related civil suit on her 2011 Renewal Application.

29948 – Anonymous Case History
Decision: Letter of Admonition
Keyword(s): Employer Policy Violation; Professional Discipline; Securities Laws Violation; Failure to Notify CFP Board
Standard(s) Violated: Article 6.5; 6.2; Article 3(e)
Matter Type(s): Criminal; Regulatory Action
Decision Date: 07/22/2016
Summary: Whether a CFP® professional (“Respondent”) violated CFP Board’s Standards of Professional Conduct when (a) he copied drivers licenses of “extraordinary persons” in violation of State law, (b) State criminally convicted him of a misdemeanor, which resulted in a felony charge from State, (c) he failed to promptly disclose to Firm 1 that he had been charged with a felony, (d) he failed to amend his Form U4, in violation of Financial Industry Regulatory Industry, Inc. (“FINRA” formerly known as the National Association of Securities Dealers or “NASD”) Rule 2010 and NASD Rule 3070(b), (e) the State Securities Division concluded that Respondent was not of “good business repute” and denied Respondent’s State securities salesperson license and investment adviser representative license applications, (f) Firm 1 terminated Respondent’s employment because of his criminal indictment, and (g) Firm 2 terminated Respondent’s employment due to the State Securities Division’s Order of Denial.

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