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31122 – Anonymous Case History
Decision: Petition-for-Consideration---Denied; Delay---Petition
Keyword(s): Continuing Education Violation
Matter Type(s): Case Developed By Staff
Decision Date: 10/01/2018

Whether a petitioner whose CFP® certification was administratively relinquished (“Respondent”), could be certified when he inaccurately reported continuing education credits to CFP Board.

30507 – Anonymous Case History
Decision: Delay---Petition; Petition-for-Consideration---Denied
Keyword(s): Petition-for-Consideration; Unauthorized-use-of-CFP-Marks; Fraud-Other; Misrepresentation
Standard(s) Violated: Article Fitness-Standards
Matter Type(s): Unauthorized-use-of-CFP-Marks; Civil Suit; Customer-Complaints
Decision Date: 06/12/2018

Whether a CFP® applicant (“Respondent”) failed to meet CFP Board’s Fitness Standards when: (1) She misrepresented the cost of various insurance policies, and engaged in misleading sales tactics to convince clients to purchase insurance plans; and (2) her firm used CFP® marks on the Respondent’s firm profile page before Respondent was certified.

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