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Financial Planning Careers In The News

Why More Advisors Are Offering Financial Planning Services
(from ThinkAdvisor, November 30, 2017)

Financial planning is becoming an increasingly popular offering among advisors. Almost 50% currently offer planning services to clients, up from just under 33% just four years ago, and millennial advisors are the most avid adopters, according to a new report from Cerulli Associates. Read more »

Advisory Firms Turn to Life Coaches, Psychologists
(from CNBC, December 6, 2017)

Some financial planners, finding many clients' questions and issues are more life-oriented than financial in nature, are employing counselors and coaches, or adding life coaching to their own repertoire of skill Read more »

What Makes a Person the Right Fit for Financial Planning Field?
(from MiBiz, February 4, 2018)

In this Q&A, Todd Sanford, CFP® talks about his multi-million dollar gift to Western Michigan University’s Haworth College of Business to open a financial wellness center on campus, with the goal of bringing awareness to financial planning as a viable career option for students. Read more »

Money Lessons from Olympians Who Have Become Financial Advisors
(from CNBC, February 8, 2018)

Several Olympians, including David Emma, CFP® and Emily Samuelson, CFP®, share how their pursuit of gold medals led them to their current careers in financial planning. Read more »

Silver Medalist Chris Mazdzer's Post-Olympics Career Plan: Financial Planning
(from CNBC, March 17, 2018)

Post-Olympics, Mazdzer says he's ready to head in a new direction. He has plans to pursue a career as a certified financial planner. "I would love to have the opportunity to make that difference in someone's life," he told CNBC. "Money is a pretty serious part of everyone's life, whether we choose to accept it or not." Read more »

Why Being a CFP® Pro is an Awesome Career for Millennials
(from Motivated Gen Y Blog, April 10, 2018)

For many millennials, a career as a financial planner wasn’t even on our radar when thinking about postgrad life; however, it’s an incredibly viable and promising option for young professionals who want to enjoy a stable career and empower others in their community to reach their life goals. Read more »

Financial Advisor - Career Rankings, Salary, Reviews
(from US News & World Report, April 2017)

This is expected to be one of the faster-growing occupations over the next decade, with a projected growth rate of 30 percent through 2024, according to the Labor Department. Read More »

The $90,000 A Year Career You're Not Thinking About
(from Forbes, May 10, 2017)

John Schneider and David Auten talk about the need for people of diversity in financial planning, and the opportunities for LGBTQ people in the financial planning profession. Read More »

A Young Planner’s Advice to the Profession
(from Wealth Management, April 3, 2015)

A financial planning internship played a important role in the career path of Rianka R. Dorsainvil, CFP®, who shares her thoughts on ways seasoned financial planners and firms can help the next generation of planners, themselves and their firms.

How to Rock Your Career Regardless of Your College Major 
(from Daily Finance, April 2, 2015)

Not all financial planners leave college with a financial planning degree. Sophia Bera, CFP® talks about her transition from theater performance/women’s studies major to a financial planning entrepreneur and CFP® professional.

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