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Financial Planner Reentry Initiative FAQ

1. What is the Financial Planner Reentry Initiative?

The Financial Planner Reentry Initiative (FPRI) seeks to connect firms in the financial planning sector with experienced professionals seeking to reenter the workforce after a career break. FPRI is designed to support firms in establishing return-to-work internships that create a pathway to employment for returning professionals and allow employers to increase the number of mid- to senior-level professionals in their ranks.

FPRI was formed through a partnership between CFP Board Center for Financial Planning, a profession-wide initiative to build a more diverse and sustainable financial planning profession, and leading career reentry firm iRelaunch. The initiative is supported by a cohort of financial services firms that are launching return-to-work internship programs in the same time frame.    

2. Why are return-to-work internships important?

Re-entry internships are emerging as a special category of workforce development for employers re-integrating professionals into the workforce at a later life stage, and a powerful return-to-work strategy for individuals. These programs create a formal pathway to employment for returning professionals.

Re-entry internships give the employer the opportunity to connect with high caliber returning professionals at a time when childcare, eldercare or other career-break responsibilities are reduced or over, and the candidate is ready to fully re-engage in the workforce. These programs enable employers to increase the number of mid- to senior-level professionals in their ranks and are an effective way for firms to screen prospective talent for long-term employment, thereby avoiding the high costs of an unsuccessful hire.

3. How can the Financial Planner Reentry Initiative help me?

Returning to the workforce after a career break can be difficult – industries evolve, skill sets shift and you must compete with other candidates who do not have gaps in their resumes. Furthermore, your own work interests may have changed, affecting what type of position and industry that would be a good fit. The Financial Planner Reentry Initiative supports professionals returning from a career break by providing a comprehensive re-orientation to the workplace, as well as opportunities to explore career possibilities through internships in the financial planning profession. These internships allow you to try out new roles and re-discover your own skills and interests that can translate into a full-time successful career.

4. When and where will the return-to-work internship programs take place?

Internship opportunities will be offered in 2017-18 in various locations around the country and will be posted here as they become available.  Please complete the online form receive email notifications about future openings

5. Will I be paid during the internship?

Internships will be paid and followed by a formal job offer by the employer if the internship is successful. Additional information will be provided by the participating employers in the internship job descriptions. 

6. Am I required to have CFP® certification or do I need to attain it in order to qualify for the internship programs?

You are not required to have CFP® certification in order to qualify for the internship programs.  However, some internship programs may require you to start working toward attaining CFP® certification as part of the onboarding and training process, and your costs may be covered by the employer.  Attaining CFP® certification can be a great way to update skills and gain confidence after a career break, thereby easing your onboarding process into the financial planning profession. Additional information on this and other requirements will be outlined in job descriptions provided by the participating employers. 

7. How can I be considered for an opportunity through the Financial Planner Reentry Initiative?

Visit the CFP Board Career Center to upload your resume and be added to the candidate list.  Please tag your resume with "Financial Planner Reentry Initiative" in the “Career Job Title” field. You will need to create an account with CFP Board if you don’t already have one. In addition to submitting your resume, we also recommend that you sign up to be notified by email when new opportunities are available. 

8. What is CFP Board?

CFP Board is a non-profit organization acting in the public interest by fostering professional standards in personal financial planning through the establishment and enforcement of the education, examination, experience, ethics and other requirements for CFP® certification. Financial planning is one of the fastest growing professions in the country and CFP Board currently oversees more than 77,000 CFP® professionals in the U.S. who advise individuals and families on a broad range of personal finance topics, including retirement, estate planning, taxes, investments, budgeting and insurance, among many others.

9. What is the CFP Board Center for Financial Planning?

The CFP Board Center for Financial Planning seeks to create a more diverse and sustainable financial planning profession so that every American has access to competent and ethical financial planning advice.  The Center brings together CFP® professionals, firms, educators, researchers and experts to address profession-wide challenges in the areas of diversity and workforce development, and to build an academic home that offers opportunities for conducting and publishing new research that adds to the financial planning body of knowledge. More about the Center and its initiatives can be found at

10. What is iRelaunch?

iRelaunch works with employers to create programs for hiring professionals returning to work after a career break, and provides strategies for relaunching individuals to resume their careers. iRelaunch CEO Carol Fishman Cohen wrote the seminal Harvard Business Review article "The 40 Year Old Intern" on this topic and is a regular HBR contributor. Her TED talk 'How to get back to work after a career break" has been viewed over 1.5 million times and translated into 29 languages. Carol and iRelaunch work closely with professional organizations on initiatives in which groups of companies implement mid-career internship programs at the same time. iRelaunch's flagship event, the iRelaunch Return-to-Work Conference has run 20 times since 2008 and over 5,400 people have attended. It is the largest and longest-running dedicated career reentry event in the country and is sponsored by companies interested in hiring returning professionals. By empowering, coaching and updating individuals returning to work after a career break, and working closely with employers to create and promote formal pathways back into the workforce, iRelaunch champions “both sides of the equation” to maximize large scale career reentry results.

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