A Great Career for Women

Become a CFP® Professional


A Great Career for Women

The need for financial planning has never been greater. The quality of our lives and the wellbeing of our families often depend on finding that perfect advisor—one who combines technical expertise with compassion, communication skills, and integrity.

As a woman, you can be that trusted advisor who takes a relationship-first approach to the challenges of personal financial management. By earning the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification – the highest standard in personal financial planning – you will take a step above and apart from other advisors, gaining professional confidence and credibility in the eyes of your clients. You will demonstrate your commitment to lifelong learning and high professional ethics and practice standards.

You will be the best doing the best for people you care about.

Build Your Future by Helping Others Build Theirs

  • High income potential
  • Dynamic, respected profession
  • The satisfaction that comes with helping people plan for their futures

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, you can expect personal satisfaction as well as financial rewards. Financial planners consistently report an increase in earnings after attaining their CFP® certification.

A Creative, Dynamic Career

Financial planners come from all walks of life and backgrounds. Some are career changers from the fields of psychology or teaching; others are artists, mothers, doctors, and veterans. You can bring your full self, and all your unique talents and experiences, to bear through a career as a CFP® professional.

Talk to successful women CFP® professionals and you will hear that what they value the most in their work is the freedom and flexibility to harmonize their personal and professional lives.

  • Opportunity for creative problem solving
  • Use skills relevant to one’s own life
  • Variety of business models: solo practices, big firms 

Clarissa Hobson, CFP®, Senior Financial Planning Advisor, Carnick & Kubik, talks about why she became a CFP® professional.

Be the Trusted Advisor Your Clients Turn to Throughout Their Lives

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals are uniquely qualified to help individuals pull all their finances together, solve financial problems, and make a plan to achieve their financial goals. 

Requirements for CFP® Certification

Meeting these requirements takes passion, commitment, and hard work. But it’s worth it. In the words of one young woman CFP® professional, “Getting that certification gave me the credibility and confidence I needed to be successful." To learn more about studying personal financial planning or becoming a CFP® professional, visit www.CFP.net/get-certified.

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