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Become a WIN Advocate

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Advocate for CFP Board’s Women’s Initiative (WIN).  WIN Advocates are CFP® professionals designated by CFP Board who will work in their communities to get the word out that financial planning can be a rewarding career for women.


The following are some of the ways in which you can get involved as a WIN Advocate:

  • Tell your story – why you became a CFP® professional – to audiences of girls, professional women, and students 
  • Identify opportunities to speak at professional conferences and networking events (CFP Board will also pass along local speaking opportunities to WIN Advocates)
  • Raise awareness within your own firm about WIN and the importance of gender diversity
  • Write an article for the newsletters of your membership organization or alumni publication
  • Join social media groups and spread the WIN message
  • Encourage other CFP® professionals to become WIN Advocates

To learn more about the WIN Advocate program, please view our recorded webinar, “CFP Board’s Women's Initiative: How CFP® Professionals Can Get Involved,” which presents the highlights from WIN research and provides more detail on ways in which you can get involved.

WIN Toolkit

WIN Advocates are provided access to a comprehensive toolkit of resources that make it easy to spread the word. 

  • Scripted presentations intended for general and professional audiences
  • "A Great Career for Women" brochure that can be shared with women colleagues and acquaintances
  • Short video clips featuring women CFP® professionals to use in presentations and social media
  • Frequently Asked Questions to help you prepare for questions you may encounter from the audience
  • Fact sheet on WIN research
  • Communication tools and templates
    • Sample letter to send to organizations that may be interested in hosting a WIN presentation
    • List of women’s organizations to contact
    • Summary descriptions of presentation material
    • Presentation tips
    • Sample Tweets

CFP Board staff is also available to assist you with WIN activities and help you prepare for speaking engagements.


Please complete the form below to indicate your interest in becoming a WIN Advocate.  After your registration has been reviewed, CFP Board will send you instructions to access the WIN Toolkit.

I affirm that I am a CFP® professional in good standing with CFP Board. (I have not been subject of CFP Board’s public disciplinary action and I am not currently under investigation by CFP Board).
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Terms of Use & Privacy Policy: This information will be used to complete your request and, unless you opt-out of receiving future communications, may be used by CFP Board or provided to third parties in accordance with CFP Board's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

By clicking the "Submit" button below, I agree to the following terms of use of the WIN Toolkit:

The WIN Toolkit, and any proprietary and intellectual property contained within, is copyrighted property of the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards (CFP Board) and may only be used as part of CFP Board’s Women’s Initiative by CFP® professionals designated as WIN Advocates, or with the expressed written consent from CFP Board. I agree to use the toolkit within the guidelines provided by CFP Board and not to share the Toolkit with other individuals. I understand that CFP® professionals interested in becoming WIN Advocates and using the Toolkit must first contact CFP Board to receive authorization.


If you have questions about becoming a WIN Advocate or using the Toolkit, please contact us at

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Among clients who work with an advisor, 87% of those working with a CFP® professional are satisfied or very satisfied, compared with 72% of those who work with an advisor without certification.
Anyone can call themselves a “financial planner.” Only professionals who meet CFP Board’s rigorous standards can call themselves CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals.
The 2013 Household Financial Planning Survey shows that those with a financial plan feel more confident and report more success managing money, savings and investments than those without a plan.