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What You Can Do Now

CFP Board is asking all to join in the work of attracting more women to the financial planning profession and making the profession and CFP® certification more attractive to women. Together we can transform financial planning to flourish in a future that must necessarily look very different from the past.

Register to become a WIN Advocate and support WIN in your community. WIN Advocates are CFP® professionals designated by CFP Board who will work to attract more women to the financial planning profession and CFP® certification by getting the word out to women, girls, students, and centers-of-influence in their community. 

Mentor a Woman Seeking CFP® Certification. In the first two years of our WIN-to-WIN mentor program, we connected more than 1,600 aspiring female CFP® professionals to mentors with CFP® certification. Become a mentor and enjoying giving back while growing the profession.

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Supporting CFP® candidates through the certification process.

How You Can Help & Who Can Get Involved


How Volunteer your time and passion to CFP Board’s various WIN initiatives: apply to be a WIN Advocate, serve on the CFP Board WIN Council, or take part in the “Faces of Women CFP® Professionals” campaign.
Who  Women   Men
How Identify/organize opportunities for CFP Board WIN Advocates to speak to female audiences (at schools, colleges, professional groups) on financial planning as a career for women.
Who Women  Men  |  Program Directors of CFP Board-Registered Programs  |  Financial Planning Firms  |  Industry Providers  |  Associations of Financial Advisors
How Move up in the financial planning profession by reaching down: seek out opportunities to help mentor younger, less experienced women financial planning students and professionals. Organize a mentorship program within your firm or organization.
Who Women  Men  Program Directors of CFP Board-Registered Programs  |   Industry Providers  |  Associations of Financial Advisors
How Contact CFP Board to indicate your firm’s interest in taking part in one of CFP Board’s pilot projects on gender diversity initiatives at the firm level.
Who Financial Planning Firms
How Work within your firm to set measurable diversity goals (numbers, compensation, internal support programs). Share your experience on what works and what doesn’t to improve gender diversity and opportunity in your firm.
Who  Women  |  Men  |  Financial Planning Firms
How Encourage and support employee’s efforts to obtain CFP® certification with time off for exam study, reimbursement for coursework and/or exam fees, and supportive study groups within the firm.
Who Financial Planning Firms
How Include practice management and professional development programs targeted to women professionals as a staple feature in conferences, webinar series and workshops.
Who Financial Planning Firms  |  Industry Providers  Program Directors of CFP Board-Registered Programs


Provide financial support for CFP Board’s implementation of WIN recommendations, including “Faces of Women CFP® Professionals” and other initiatives.
Who Financial Planning Firms  |  Industry Providers  |  Associations of Financial Advisors

White Paper

Making More Room for Women in the Financial Planning Profession

Recommendations to Increase the Number of Women CFP® Professionals from CFP Board’s Women’s Initiative (WIN)

This white paper presents the findings of a comprehensive research study on the causes of the "feminine famine" in financial planning.

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