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What CFP Board Will Do

CFP Board recognizes that simply making recommendations for increasing the number of women CFP® professionals will not, in and of itself, get the job done.

Changing the way women see the financial planning profession, and the way the profession presents itself to women, will take a large measure of vision and commitment from its constituent organizations and firms. It will take “political will”— the courage to do the hard thing, not because it is pragmatic or popular, but because it is right. Eventually, too, it will be profitable, but not without significant investment in programs and internal policies to help women realize their full potential as practicing CFP® professionals.

CFP Board also recognizes that this effort must begin with itself. It is the organization’s intention to serve as a leader and catalyst in this effort, as part of its ongoing mission to set the highest professional standards of fairness and integrity in financial planning.

Accordingly, CFP Board has committed to these initiatives based on the WIN Advisory Panel’s recommendations.

  • Create a WIN Council, consisting of CFP® professionals, educators in CFP Board- Registered Programs and financial planning firm executives, to supervise and advise on progress toward achieving gender parity in the profession. The Council will publish periodic reports of its findings and recommendations to the financial planning community.
  • Conduct an internal review at CFP Board of all department functions and processes to determine alignment with the overall goal of increasing the number of women CFP®  professionals. In this way, the Board intends to be an exemplar of the best practices and organizational culture to promote gender equality.
  • Launch “The Faces of Women CFP® Professionals” campaign to showcase women leaders and practitioners in the profession, the reasons they chose financial planning and CFP® certification and the opportunities and challenges they’ve encountered. This campaign would entail production of a video and printed collateral materials for distribution at career/human resource events, CFP Board-Registered Programs and business schools.
  • Partner with four or five firms — representative of the different business models within the profession — to conduct pilot initiatives at the firm level to bolster gender diversity, support the professional development of female employees and promote the CFP® certification.
  • Designate WIN Advocates who will reach out to their local media and communities — e.g., area colleges and schools, women’s and girls’ groups, professional groups — to talk about financial planning, the CFP® certification, and the role and importance of women CFP® professionals.
  • Develop conference programs and workshops, in conjunction with professional financial planning associations, that help women professionals and students understand and successfully navigate the career paths at various different types of financial planning firms, particularly in the first years of their employment.


White Paper

Making More Room for Women in the Financial Planning Profession

Recommendations to Increase the Number of Women CFP® Professionals from CFP Board’s Women’s Initiative (WIN)

This white paper presents the findings of a comprehensive research study on the causes of the "feminine famine" in financial planning.

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