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BrightTALK Webinar

This webinar, held September 10, 2014, presented the research findings and recommendations from research conducted as part of CFP Board's Women's Initiative to increase the number of women CFP® professionals. 
CFP Board recognizes that simply making recommendations for increasing the number of women CFP® professionals will not, in and of itself, get the job done. 

Earlier this year, CFP Board released groundbreaking research that pinpoints challenges and opportunities for women to enter the financial planning profession as part of its Women’s Initiative (WIN). Hear from CFP Board Consumer Advocate and WIN Advisory Panel Member Eleanor Blayney, CFP® as she discusses the research findings on why relatively few women choose to become part of the financial planning profession, as well as the panel’s recommendations and initiatives for encouraging and supporting women to pursue careers in financial planning.

White Paper

Making More Room for Women in the Financial Planning Profession

Recommendations to Increase the Number of Women CFP® Professionals from CFP Board’s Women’s Initiative (WIN)

This white paper presents the findings of a comprehensive research study on the causes of the "feminine famine" in financial planning.

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