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January 2015

Eleanor Blayney

Eleanor Blayney, CFP®

From CFP Board's Consumer Advocate

WIN Continues its Work in 2015

Happy New Year! CFP Board’s Women’s Initiative (WIN) is entering its third year and we’re proud of our accomplishments thus far: completion of a major research project on the status of women CFP® professionals and publication of that research in our white paper, “Making More Room for Women in the Financial Planning Profession.” But now the hard work of making changes to attract more women into the profession begins in earnest. We encourage CFP® professionals to support us by becoming a WIN Advocate to get the message out that women bring important and unique skills to the practice of financial planning.

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The Double Standard is Alive and Well, When it Comes to Work-Life Balance


A recent study of Harvard business school alums showed that women share the same expectations as men with respect to their careers and their families. But what women expect, and what in fact happens, are two very different things.


Only 25 percent of the women graduates in the study expected their male partners’ careers to take precedence over theirs, where 60 percent of the men graduates assumed that their jobs would be more important than their wives.’ The stats on child care reflect the same dichotomy. Forty-two percent of women expected to handle a majority of the child care, yet two-thirds of men expected that their wives would.

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We’ve Said it Before, and We’ll Say it Again: Women Make Great Financial Planners!

In case you missed the November 19, 2014 Financial Times special report on women financial advisors, here are some important highlights:

  • 30 percent of the women on the report's "FT 100 US Women Financial Advisers 2014" are CFP® professionals. FT sees CFP® certification as an important confidence builder for women in the industry.
  • The dearth of women in the financial advisory profession is not a matter of lacking ability, states FT writer Loren Fox. “Unfortunately, the real reasons are simple: money and sexism.”
  • But the future may be brighter for women advisors. Studies show that the skills required for success are those practiced more often by women: i.e., building and nurturing relationships.

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Newly-formed WIN Council Holds its Inaugural Meeting in DC


On December 17, 2014 the WIN Council held its first day-long meeting at CFP Board in Washington, DC.


The Council was chartered and authorized by CFP Board’s Board of Directors to provide advice and assistance to CFP Board’s CEO and staff on the development and implementation of initiatives to increase the number of CFP® professionals.


After introductions and a review of WIN activities and accomplishments to date, the Council members got down to brainstorming ideas for key WIN initiatives, including the “Faces of Women CFP® Professionals” and pilot studies with firms to identify best practices for promoting gender diversity.


You’ll be seeing some of the Council’s recommendations coming on line as we move forward in 2015, so stay tuned!


Meet the WIN Council Members




CFP Board’s Career Center


On January 7, CFP Board launched an online Career Center, sponsored by Fidelity Institutional, to support those interested in financial planning careers, the CFP® certification, and job and internship opportunities.


One important impetus to the development of the Career Center was the finding from a Fidelity study that college students and young professionals lack awareness of financial planning as an attractive career choice.


Interestingly, our WIN research showed the same to be true of women in general: they lack the knowledge of what financial planning entails and what a financial planner does. The launch of the Career Center in 2015 is therefore an important step in educating women to the opportunities of CFP® certification and providing them with a better understanding of career paths in the profession.


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Building Awareness, Changing Minds: WIN Goes to Bentley College


Financial planning students at Bentley College were told in a Career Center panel held in November, “To be a financial planner, you need to have the heart of a social worker and the mind of an economist.”

Kathleen Burns Kingsbury, author of "How to Give Financial Advice to Women" and a professor at the Master of Science in Financial Planning program at Bentley College, was inspired by CFP Board’s Women’s Initiative and decided to respond to CFP Board’s call for action. With the sponsorship of the Bentley College Career Center, the college’s Financial Planning Department, FPA, CFP Board, and NAPFA, she convened a panel where women financial planners and students could discuss financial planning careers.


Kathleen McQuiggan, member of CFP Board’s WIN Council, and Senior Vice President of Global Women's Strategies for Pax World Management LLC, also attended the event and stressed the power of mentorship and role models as a factor of success for women in financial planning.







The mission of CFP Board’s Women’s Initiative (WIN) is to identify why relatively few women choose to become part of the financial planning profession, to make recommendations for encouraging and supporting women to pursue careers in financial planning, and to undertake efforts and campaigns to address the “feminine famine” in financial planning.


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