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Forums / CFP Board’s Women’s Initiative / What Makes Financial Planning a Great Career for Women?

What Makes Financial Planning a Great Career for Women?

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  1. CFP Board
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    04/21/2014 2:28 PM
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    CFP® professionals report very high levels of satisfaction with their choice of career (91%) and decision to attain CFP® certification (92%), and the CFP® professionals surveyed in our WIN study highlighted the profession’s focus on communication, relationships and holistic advice as key factors that make financial planning a great career for women. What other factors make financial planning a rewarding career for women?
  2. Jeanie Schwarz
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    06/06/2014 8:31 PM in reply to CFP Board
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    The ability to create appropriate work-life balance many women require while juggling career aspirations with family responsibilities
  3. Tanya Steinhofer
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    06/16/2014 1:36 PM
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    it requires a high level of emotional intelligence, empathy and active listening skills to do it well, all of which women tend to have in higher doses than men.
  4. Eleanor Blayney
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    07/07/2014 2:01 PM
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    In my case, a career in financial planning gave me the perfect opportunity to combine my love of language and writing, with my interest and training in economics and financial markets.  (I am one of those English lit majors who decided to go to business school, rather than law school, as my ticket to a decent paying job).  I have found in my career that the ability to understand relatively complex financial concepts is important, but without the ability to make these concepts understandable to those without specialized training, you can only go so far.

    I love being a CFP® professional, and am passionate about letting other women know what a rewarding career it can be!
  5. Marguerita Cheng
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    07/08/2014 12:02 AM
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    I am grateful for my career as a Certified Financial Planner professional. It is abundant with opportunities for personal and professional growth.  Financial planning is emotionally gratifying, intellectually stimulating,  and financially rewarding- not to mention the positive impact on our communities and society at large! While it isn't easy being an entrepreneur, I feel that financial planning isn't just a profession, it is a calling.  I have long lived by the sage advice imparted by Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius from his Meditations on Stoic philosophy: Do not indulge in dreams of having what you have not, but reckon up the chief of the blessings you do possess, and then thankfully remember how you would crave for them if they were not yours.
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