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Continuing Education

CFP® professionals are required to complete 30 hours of Continuing Education (CE) every two years to maintain their CFP® certification.  Two of the required hours must be obtained from a pre-approved program on CFP Board's Standards of Professional Conduct. This requirement is designed to ensure that CFP® professionals review and remain informed of the Standards of Professional Conduct to which they agree to adhere as a condition of certification.

There are more than 1,000 education providers registered with CFP Board to deliver CE programs CFP Board accepts for CE credit. 

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CE programs not registered with CFP Board may also be self-reported by CFP® professionals with a processing fee.  If your firm currently offers in-house continuing education, it is possible that many of those programs will be accepted for CE credit by CFP Board.  CFP Board accepts for CE credit only those programs that address accepted CE topics and meet other requirements. 

Accepted Continuing Education Programs

CFP Board accepts for CE credit only programs that address subject topics identified in either the lists of Job Task Domains or Principal Topics identified through CFP Board's comprehensive 2009 Job Analysis Study. In general, the CE program must increase the professional competency of CFP® professionals; be developed by person(s) qualified in the subject matter; contain current, accurate content; be presented in an appropriate design and format; and use a title that accurately represents the program's content.

CFP Board-registered Continuing Education Sponsors

Continuing Education Sponsors are organizations that have submitted their programs to CFP Board for review to verify that the programs meet CFP Board's continuing education standards. Only those CE sponsors who have registered programs with CFP Board may advertise that the programs have been submitted to CFP Board for CE credit.

Financial service firms can benefit the CFP® professionals they work with by becoming a CFP Board-registered CE Sponsor and offering in-house CE programs.  As a CE Sponsor, your firm will be able to report completion of CE programs electronically to CFP Board, assisting the CFP® professionals you work with in maintaining their certification.

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To review the terms and conditions of CE Sponsor registration, download CFP Board's Continuing Education Sponsor Registration Agreement.

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Help the CFP® professionals at your firm by becoming a CFP Board-registered Continuing Education Sponsor and offering in-house CE programs accepted by CFP Board.

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