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Continuing Education

CFP Board's Continuing Education (CE) requirement is designed to increase the professional competency of CFP® professionals. Every two years, CFP® professionals must complete 30 hours of CE accepted by CFP Board, including two hours of CFP Board-approved Ethics CE that focuses on CFP Board's Standards of Professional Conduct

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CFP Board-Registered CE Sponsors

Financial service firms can benefit the CFP® professionals they work with by becoming a CFP Board-registered CE Sponsor and offering in-house CE programs. CE Sponsors must submit their programs to CFP Board for review to verify the programs meet CFP Board's continuing education standards. Only those CE Sponsors who have registered programs with CFP Board may advertise that the programs have been accepted for continuing education credit by CFP Board. 

As a CE Sponsor, your firm will report attendance lists electronically to CFP Board.

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Help the CFP® professionals at your firm by becoming a CFP Board-registered Continuing Education Sponsor and offering in-house CE programs accepted by CFP Board.

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