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Register a CE Program

Continuing Education Sponsors, upon approval of their sponsorship application, may submit a course to CFP Board for review by using the appropriate program application below.


Active General Continuing Education (CE) sponsors can submit general CE programs through their online account. The sponsors will need to:
  • Provide information about the CE program, including the title, a program ID number, and one or two paragraphs describing the content of the program.
  • Indicate the method of delivery for the program (live or self-study).
  • Request the number of CE hours the program will be credited for, including which financial topics.
  • Provide the start date of the program. Please note that any program registered retroactively for CE credit is considered late and subject to a $75 late fee in addition to the regular program application fees as outlined in the fee schedule.
  • Pay the program registration fee online with a valid credit card. Programs will not be reviewed until the program registration fee is paid.
  • Provide acknowledgement that the program meets CFP Board's CE standards.

CFP Board only accepts programs that address topics identified in either the Job Task Domains or Principal Topics identified through CFP Board's comprehensive 2009 Job Analysis Study.

If you choose to submit your program manually by submitting the General CE Program Application PDF, instead of using the online submission system, an additional $25 manual processing fee will apply. This fee is assessed in addition to the regular program application fees. 

General CE Program Application


Online registration is not available for ethics CE programs. Ethics CE Sponsors need to submit an Ethics CE Program Application in order to register their program with CFP Board. The program application needs to address the content, learning objective, and instructor eligibility requirements as described in the Ethics CE Sponsor Registration Agreement.

Ethics CE Program Application


Contact CFP Board's Continuing Education Staff directly at

Council On Education
CFP Board’s Council on Education advises CFP Board on the development and clarification of all educational policies related to the CFP® certification process.