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The following collection of resources for CFP Board's Continuing Education (CE) Sponsors, including guides, tutorials, and recorded webinars, cover a variety of topics from submitting a CE program application to attendance reporting.

Recorded Webinars

CE Sponsor Quarterly Update Webinar: December 2016

In this recorded webinar, Joanna Truitt, CFP Board's Interim Manager, Continuing Education & Experience, and Hasika Wije, Continuing Education Administrator, review updates for Continuing Education Sponsors, including: 

  • Upcoming improvements to CFP Board’s online processes;
  • Updates to CE Policies for CFP® professionals;
  • The latest on the CE Quality Initiative; and
  • The CE Sponsor and Programs renewal schedule.

CE Sponsor Quarterly Webinar: September 2016

In this recorded webinar, Joanna Truitt, CFP Board's Interim Manager, Continuing Education & Experience, and Hasika Wije, Continuing Education Administrator, discuss updates for Continuing Education Sponsors, including:

  • Update on the CE Quality Initiative
  • 2017 Renewal Process
  • Upcoming changes to CFP Board’s online processes
  • The latest on CFP Board’s CE Quality Initiative and CE Quality Partner Initiative;
  • Changes to the 2017 CE Sponsor Terms and Conditions; and
  • What’s Next
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CE Sponsor’s Guide to Submitting General CE Program Applications to CFP Board

The video covers the process of submitting a General CE Program application online, including:

  • Application requirements;
  • Online payment processing; and
  • Program hours quantification.
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Overview of CFP Board’s General CE Program Requirements for CE Sponsors

The video provides an overview of CFP Board’s General CE requirements and definitions, including:

  • Requirements for Self-Study and Live delivery formats;
  • Learning Objective requirements;
  • Levels of Complexity definitions;
  • Accepted and excluded topics; and
  • Hours calculation methodology.
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CE Sponsor's Guide to Reporting Continuing Education Attendance Records to CFP Board

This video guide reviews the administrative process of submitting an attendance report using the Attendance Reporting Form available at, including:

  • Acceptable file types and documentation requirements;
  • Required program and participant information; and
  • Submitting the attendance report.
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Overview of CFP Board’s Continuing Education Attendance Reporting Requirements for CE Sponsors

This video guide reviews CFP Board’s CE attendance reporting requirements, including:

  • Record retention requirements;
  • Timeframe for reporting attendance after program completion; and
  • Required information for attendance reports.
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In this webinar, Matthew Winterhalter Esq., CFP Board’s Compliance Counsel and Shar Gogerdchi, CFP®, CFP Board’s Continuing Education and Experience Manager, discuss the updated learning objectives for CFP Board Ethics CE programs that take effect January 1, 2016.

Presentation Slides (PDF)
Attestation Form (PDF)

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This webinar, held February 10, 2015, reviews CFP Board's comprehensive 2015 Job Task Analysis study and the resulting updated Principal Knowledge Topics list.

Presentation Slides (PDF)

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This webinar, held September 17, 2014, reviews CFP Board's updated requirements for CE Sponsors, which represent the first phase of the multi-year CE quality assurance initiative approved by the Board of Directors in November 2013. Changes to the CE Sponsor Program requirements addressed during this webinar include revised CE sponsor and CE Program registration fees, the 2015 renewal process, and updated program application standards.

Presentation Slides (PDF)

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