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CE Sponsor Registration Requirements

Continuing education sponsors are organizations that have submitted their programs to CFP Board for review to verify that the programs meet CFP Board's continuing education standards. Only those CE sponsors who have registered programs with CFP Board may advertise that the programs have been submitted to CFP Board for CE credit.

CE Sponsor registration with CFP Board is on a calendar year basis. Registration with CFP Board can be renewed at the end of the calendar year for the following calendar year.

Highlights of the CE Sponsor registration requirements are listed below. For the complete requirements of CE Sponsor registration, review the CFP Board Continuing Education Sponsor Registration Agreement (PDF, 364KB) and Continuing Education Fee Schedule (PDF, 53KB).

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General Program Standards

CE Sponsors attest that their programs meet the following requirements:

  • Programs contribute to increasing the professional competency of participants.
  • Programs are developed by persons qualified in the subject matter.
  • Program content is current, correct and presented in appropriate design and format.
  • Programs are not specific to public accounting, computer hardware and software, marketing, practice management, sales or specific company or product presentations.
  • Program titles accurately represent the course content and purpose.
  • Programs are reviewed by a qualified person, other than the preparer, to ensure compliance with the above standards.

CFP Board defines practice management programs as programs focused on the planning, development and management of a CFP® professional's business operations, including topics such as office management, business model design, budgeting processes, leadership training, and other activities that don't directly contribute to the knowledge, skills and abilities needed for a CFP® professional to provide competent and ethical financial planning to clients.

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Requirements for Live Programs

For live programs (whether presented in person or delivered electronically):

  • Attendance is required. For Live Programs presented in-person, the number of participants and physical facilities should be consistent with the teaching method.
  • Live Programs will be presented in an initial unit of at least one-hour (minimum of 50 minutes constituting one class hour), with half-hour increments accepted after the initial one hour has been satisfied. Total hours will be rounded down to the last full half hour.
  • Live Programs will be conducted by an instructor or discussion leader qualified in the specific subject area(s).

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Requirements for Self-Study Programs

CFP Board defines Self-Study Programs as those in which the instructor and student are separated by time and location, or programs for which the student engages in the learning activity without an instructor. Self study programs may be pre-recorded audio programs, webcasts, self-paced online courses, compact discs, printed material, videocassettes, and the like. For Self-Study Programs:

  • Self-Study programs will be developed by an instructor qualified in the specific subject area(s).
  • Materials presented to CFP® professionals seeking to complete the Self-Study Program will be retained and made available to CFP Board upon request.
  • CFP® professionals seeking to complete the Self-Study Program will be required to register for the Program.
  • Each Self-Study Program will require evidence of satisfactory completion, including an examination scored by sponsor. The examination will contain at least 10 questions per class hour (with the exception of exams for self-study programs that cover CFP Board’s Ethical Standards, which must include a minimum of 40 questions). The Self-Study Program will be considered completed satisfactorily only if the professional receives a score of 70% or higher on the examination (with the exception of programs that cover CFP Board’s Ethical Standards, which require a score of 80% or higher on the examination).
  • Sponsor will assign class hours to Self-Study Programs based on average completion time (a minimum of 50 minutes of completion time shall constitute one class hour), with half-hour increments accepted after the initial one hour has been satisfied. Total hours will be rounded down to the last full half hour. Exam time may not be included in the average completion time.

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Electronic Reporting of Attendee Lists

CE Sponsors agree to electronically report Live Program attendance lists and Self-Study Program completion lists to CFP Board, using CFP Board’s specified Attendance Report Form, within four weeks of a Program’s completion. Completed Attendance Report Forms are to be submitted by email to

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Program Records

CE Sponsors agree to maintain records for a period of four years following the date each Program is presented:

  • The date and location of the Program presentation(s).
  • The name(s) of each instructor or discussion leader.
  • The list of CFP® professionals attending each Live Program presentation and/or the list of CFP® professionals successfully completing each Self-Study Program.
  • The written outline of the Program presentation(s).

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Register Online as a CE Sponsor

Online CE Sponsor registration is now available. To register your organization with CFP Board as a CE Sponsor, you will need to:

  • Set up your organization's secure online account with CFP Board.
  • Provide information about your organization's main contact.
  • Sign CFP Board's CE Sponsor Agreement form.
  • Pay the CE Sponsor registration fee online with a valid credit card.

Register Online

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